Day 59 – 10/28 Sunset Beach

Chill day at Sunset Bay Beach after school work got done, then a little TV time.

Today was a chill day.  Girls got their school work going, Bella was done late morning, way before Bia. 

Bella’s first hour or so was in her bunk, she wanted to start her class from there. hahahaha. Oh, the girls swapped bunks for some time, and they’ll decide later if they keep the new arrangement or go back and forth weekly, so here’s Bella on the top bunk, which was Bia’s.

Bia had a bit more work than usual and was complaining.  She got too used to not having as much as Monday was too easy.  But, she kept going and got all her work done just after lunch.

I did some work, tried to catch up on posts and website work and went for a run.  It was nice out, and I ran on the street.  Just as I left the campground and crossed the street, the scene was awesome.  Sun rising behind the hill, little farm in front of me, and a cow looking my way, had to take a picture.  Too bad all the wires are in the frame otherwise it’d be an even better picture. 

It’s always nice to run around here.

After I got back from my run, Carol left to get groceries.

I was helping the girls and doing some more posts catching up and was outside.  Bella got done and started playing outside as well.  It was nice and warm, and no much wind.  The wind recently has been cold, so when it’s not blowing we get to feel warm. 

Bella found a little flower and wanted to make a pot for it, so she took a half milk jug she had saved and filled with sand and some rocks, and planted her flower there.  That was cute.  She was expecting the flower to survive there, but by the end of the day it was all soggy.

After Carol got back we put things away, fixed lunch, ate, cleaned up and got ready to go to the beach.  I recommended we should go to Sunset Bay beach, which is basically next door (1 mile away) and because it’s kind of like protected from direct wind, it should be a bit warmer.  We packed up and went, bringing some snacks, towels, chairs and a few toys.

As soon as we got there and got setup I sat on my zero G chair facing the sun and just enjoyed the warmth.  It was so nice to feel the sun. 

The girls were playing, pretty much non stop the entire time. 

Carol was sitting next to me.  We did just that for some time, then eventually Bella came by and wanted to play with me, so we got the ball and started kicking it around, then she got into defending.  She was jumping and diving for the ball and getting all excited.  We marked a goal in the sand, and she was guarding that. 

We played for quite some time, then Bia joined.  They had a goal marked up on each side, and I was kicking to one at a time, and each time I did not score it was a point for them.  We played for way over an hour and had a lot of fun.  They were getting excited about winning, and diving for the ball.  We had a great time playing together.  Alex would be proud of them 🙂

While we were playing, Carol was exploring the area, going into the tide pools and looking at the marine life that was there.  The tide was low, so she was able to go kind of far into the rocks.  The area was slippery, and even though she had her hiking shoes on, she didn’t go too far.

We played a little more and when the girls were done with soccer, it was past 5 and we decided to go back and start getting ready.  The girls wanted to watch some TV yet, so we got back, they showered, we had dinner and before watching TV we had them each pick the next book they’ll be reading as they are out of books.  We want to make sure they get their reading done before all the fun activities as some days it gets late by time we are back and we run out to time.  We let them watch some TV after that, then Carol was working on some video editing and I continued catching up on posts and work stuff.  We put the girls to bed, and eventually Carol had the TV on again and we both watched some TV, and then went to bed.

It was a low key day but always fun when we get to enjoy each other.

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