Day 58 – 10/27 Some beach time and Sushi

Today was catch up day, laundry, some beach time right here, then Sushi downtown.

We had a somewhat typical morning, but the girls were done quite a bit faster than usual, so they got to play a bit before lunch.  Carol was doing laundry and I had a few work calls.

After lunch we decided to go to the beach near us, Bastendorff Beach.  It is really nice here and the sun was out, but the wind by the beach was cold, and we were all cold. 

We walked around, explored the rocks, the girls went into the cave that is kind of carved on the rocks near us, but it’s small so it was fast.  I climbed on the rocks and walked towards the edge so I could get a good view of the lighthouse and the waves crashing on the rocks. 

It was nice to see all the mussels and sea urchins, and star fish. 

I kept going towards the edge of the rocks.

And the views, tide pools and rock formations were super cool.

When I got back I also helped the girls find more star fish, they loved it, we found at least 10 nearby. 

We relaxed a bit by the beach but it was quite cold, so we decided to leave and all shower then go downtown for Sushi. 

The girls went to shower at the campground shower together. They are such good friends. 🙂

The Sushi place is right next to the Steve Prefontaine murals. 

Pre is from Coos Bay, and we had watched his movie a few days ago, so the girls, especially Bia, were more excited this time to be by the murals, and wanted to take pictures.

The Sushi place was pretty decent, it’s a smaller place so they had quite tough restrictions on mask use.  You had to keep your mask on the entire time, and only lower it when actively eating or drinking.  That was kind of a pain, but we get it and prefer it that way if it means it is safer. I ordered the chef’s special, carol ordered some special rolls and the girls had miso soup and a roll each.  My rolls were ok, nothing to brag about.  Carol’s looked super fancy and she had one that had craw fish, wait, spicy craw fish… She eventually switched with me cause they were too hot for her, and I have to say I’m glad we did cause I loved them.  Mine were just boring, and hers were awesome and spicy :).

The girls ended up having another bowl of soup as well.  Oh, and they had orange crush to drink and loved it, to me it tasted like tangerine, it was pretty good. 

Bella learned how to use chop sticks now, she was eating her sushi with chop sticks and was loving it.  That was really cool and she was very proud.  She’s ready for California :).

After we finished eating we just went back as it was kind of late already.  Everyone got ready and we called it a night.  Not a log going on today, but it was a good day.

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