Day 252 – 5/10/21 School, Packing, Chilling

We had a nice busy day with school, packing, then hanging out by Calinas.

I had a good night of sleep, and had the trailer at 71F overnight, with the fan on low all night for white noise.  I woke up a few times, but fell asleep right back, so I was able to rest.  I didn’t have a chance to finish writing early morning.  I had a late start as I wanted to watch some videos, but had to start my day without finishing writing.  I got everyone kind of going and left to the store to get milk and bread as we were completely out of milk.  Carol finished setting up the girls for school, including printing Bella’s materials.  When I got back, I got the girls their breakfast, and they had already started their classes.  I then changed and left for my run around the campground.

Carol took care of some laundry this morning, then made Sushi for lunch, and also baked some cookies.  She’s trying to empty the fridge so she can get some stuff from the brazilian market to take back home.

When I got back from my run, I got some packing prep done outside.  I cleaned up all the water toys, floaties, paddleboard, chairs, etc.  I re-organized the back storage area and moved the heavier stuff to the truck, like the trailer’s spare tire and some wood blocks.  I re-organized the truck’s bed so I could fit the stuff I was moving there as well.  I wanted to move heavier stuff to the truck as we’ve been nearing the trailer’s max weight (a couple hundred pounds away yet), but I don’t want to get too close.  I was done with the cleaning, re-organizing and putting away around noon, well, at least I wanted to be done by noon so I could go inside and shower, then spend a bit more time writing.  When I finished my shower, Carol had lunch ready so we all ate, it was yummy.  Then I got to write one of the days I was behind, and was able to put some notes on another day, which I’ll have to finish later.  As I continued writing, Carol did the dishes, the girls finished their school work, and we got ready to go to Calinas. We left around 2:30pm, and I stopped to fill up the truck on the way there. 

When we got there, the kids were all happy, and went on to play right away.  Ricardo and Flavia were still working, so Carol and I went outside and hung out there having some beers.  Carol talked to Judy for a while there.  I finished watching the video I had started early in the morning, then did some reading on cryptocurrencies.  Eventually Ricardo joined us outside too. 

The kids went in the pool a little later and were there until it was time to eat, then they showered and ate.  Dinner was brazilian feijoada, which was brought in by the chef that works with Flavia.  It was pretty good.  After dinner the kids played more at Vi’s room.  They were dancing and acting, and enjoying their time together.  We got them all ready to go a little before 8 and left.  Carol had taken laundry to do there, but had a late start as the machines were in use, so we waited for her to put the load in the drier and we left, leaving the laundry there, which we will pick up tomorrow.  Tomorrow is our last full day here, and we’ll come back and say good-bye.  We are kind of sad to go, we will miss them greatly.

When we got back to the trailer, we had the kids get ready for bed, read their books and then we had them out to sleep.  Bia didn’t want to sleep in her bed as she thought she saw a spider there, so she traded with me.  She had the top bunk, so that’s where I slept for the night.

We had a good busy day, got a lot done, and visited our friends.

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