Day 247 – 5/5/21 Disney Springs

We had a nice day visiting Disney Springs today.

I got my writing done early morning, and took care of some bills as well, then went for a nice run around the campground.  I got the girls up before I went, and got them ready for school.  They both had a bit of phone time before school, but got what they needed to do done.  Bella had a bit less work today and was done around lunch time.  Bia had the usual and was done mid afternoon.  She had a project on Wyoming and did a really nice job with the map she had to do by hand.  I had not thought much about the fact that Wyoming is almost a perfect square in the map 🙂 hahahah…. Made it easier to work on I think.

Carol worked on organizing things inside today, cleaning out cabinets, organizing etc.  The bathroom cabinet where we keep our toothbrushes was messy and a bit dirty and she got it nice and organized and all clean.  While she worked on that inside, I was washing some stuff that was in the trunk of the truck, so I washed some beach chairs, floaties, and the paddleboard as well.  I wanted to make sure everything was properly rinsed from sea water, and was nice and dry before going back in there.  Later on, Carol wanted to try to run the washing machine outside. It has been sitting on the rack behind the trailer since I had seen that insect come out of under it.  There’s water back there but no place to drain, so she wanted to rig an extension on the drain hose and connect it directly into the sewer hose of the trailer so when the machine drains it goes right into the sewer drain.  I had the original hose in the truck so I grabbed it for her and she connected it all.  It kind of worked, but the drain was too slow and messed up the cycles of the machine.  I had told her to just have it drain into an empty garbage bin, or another box, and then later dump it in the bathroom, but she didn’t want to do it at first.  After she tried her rigged hose, and the drain was too slow, she ended up with a bucket underneath and had the machine drain there.  She only had one load, so it was quick to finish it all.  It would have been nice to have it drain in the sewer, that way she could do laundry back there and not have to worry about dumping anything.  I also got the sea shells the girls had collected recently and had them come pick apart the ones they want to keep so they could wash them out so we can put them away with the rest.  By this time, the girls were done with school and on their phones, so they just came out and separated what they wanted to keep, which was everything basically, but didn’t wash them.  I ended up washing the shells and putting them away.  It was pretty hot outside while Carol and I were working on stuff there, so we had some beers, they were cold and refreshing 🙂

Oh, and we had leftovers for lunch, we finished eating the Lebanese cigars from yesterday, all gone now.

As it got closer to 4pm, Carol and I wrapped things up outside and we all got ready to go to Disney Springs.  The girls were inside playing with their phones, but got out quick when we told them where we were going.  As with everything around here, Disney Springs was about 30 minutes away.  I had the GPS setup to go to a parking garage right away, and we parked at the one closest to the Lego store, so we were in the Orange Parking.  The girls were excited to be there, even without knowing exactly what we’d see or find.  A long time ago I had gone there and they had a place called Disney Quest, which had a bunch of interactive games, and a virtual rollercoaster that you could design yourself, then ride it.  I looked that up as I had told the girls and they wanted to go there, but unfortunately, they closed Disney Quest in 2017, so all that is left is stores and restaurants with some live music here and there.  As we walked in, the first stop was the restrooms, and right by it there was a Starbucks. 

Bia immediately asked for some Frappuccino, and since I had promised it for her birthday and we had not gotten it yet, we said ok this time.  After we all used the restroom, Carol went with the girls to Starbucks and I went to the little beer truck to get us some beers, very pricey beers. 

From there we walked a bit to our left, which took us to The House of Blues.  We sat there for a bit and listened to a couple of songs while we enjoyed our drinks in the shade. 

Carol wanted to go to the Lego store, so we started walking in that direction.  We passed a few cool stores, and the girls and Carol went to the M&M store and came out with a free sample of the brownie M&M, which was quite good. 

I was getting hungry, so Carol picked a place to eat next.  We stopped at what looked like a cool asian restaurant.  They had outside seating for us, so we stayed and went upstairs to their outside seating.  We got some drinks, dumplings, ribs, etc and they were all small portions, but the bill… was not small.  The food was ok, but it was way too expensive. 

Something that we had there did not go well as within an hour or so Carol started getting a headache, and I was not feeling great in my gut.  The girls were fine though.  Anyway, after paying the very expensive bill, we continued walking around, and made it to the Lego store.  The girls wanted me to go in with them, so I did.  We checked out all the legos they had as we walked around the store, which happens to be round too. hahahaha.  When we were done with the walk around, Bia asked if we could get any and Bella said “Bia, you don’t ask daddy for stuff, you ask mommy”.  Oh boy, they know how it works, because I was just about to say no, so instead, I said I had checked out the store and was going to wait outside.  Bad idea.  They stayed in there for over an hour, easy, and each came out with a bag.  They were very happy and excited though.  Bella got a Ferrari Lego set, and Bia got a Kittie.  They could not wait to open those. 

As we walked to the truck, Carol’s headache had grown and very fast she was feeling a migraine.  She took some meds on the way back home, but had a massive migraine by time we got back, so as soon as we were back, she wrapped what she had to do and went to bed.  It was late when we got back, so we had the girls brush their teeth and go to bed.  I’m sure they’ll be up early tomorrow to play with their lego sets.  I got a few things done online before going to bed, and by time I went to bed it was past 11pm.

We had a nice day getting things done around the trailer and then checking out Disney Springs.

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