Day 246 – 5/4/21 School and Pool

It was a busy day with school, work, and then some pool time by our friends.

I had a busy morning, with back to back calls starting at 9am.  I was able to get my writing done early, and leave for a run at 7:30am.  Then when I got back from my run around the campground, I got the girls going with school.  I was still pretty sweaty from the run, so I decided to do my calls from outside.  I setup my little computer desk, a camping chair and the big fan.  I also hung the screen on the awning as the sun hits the front of the trailer in the morning.  Then I hosed myself down, dried a bit, and sat down to start my day.  I had consulting calls, some work calls, paid expert calls, all the way to 12:30, with a few breaks in between.

The girls had a good day of school.  Bella got all her work done with no issues.  She was eager to get it done and go to Vi’s house.  We didn’t go yesterday because they were done late, and we wanted to do some catch up here too, but today Bella was focused on getting done timely so we could go.  She did everything she had to, and kept her area clean when done.  Bia had a good day as well, she’s always very focused and responsible about making sure she does her work.

Carol helped the girls inside while I had my calls outside.  She also made lunch, which was Lebanese cigars (rice and ground beef stuffed in grape leaves), which turned out great.  Bella ate a good amount, like two servings.

After we all ate and the kids were done with school, we started putting things away, packing swimming suits and extra clothes and we left to spend the rest of the day with Calinas.  It was pretty hot when we left, and it was still getting hotter.  It was 95F at the peak of the heat today, which was around 4pm.

After we got to Calinas the kids were all playing.  Vi was not home from school yet, but arrived soon.  Bella had brought some sewing stuff and wanted to show Janete, so she worked on sewing for a while.  Bia and Vi, as well as the boys, had already gone to the pool and Bella was still sewing. 

I had another call at 4pm, so I had my computer out and was doing some more work, reviewing some agreements for a project with a client.  I then went to Vi’s room for my call.  When I got back, Bella was still sewing.  I stayed there with her for a bit, and she eventually gave up on what she was going.  She was frustrated things were not working, so I told her to just take a break for now, and that Carol could help her later.  She finally took a break and went to the pool to play with the other kids.

The dinner plan was to grill the meats that were left over from the weekend.  I got the grill going, got all the meats I was told to use, and had the grill full with steaks and sausages.  It was pretty hot out, and the beer was nice and cold, so it was not bad to be out there.  Sometimes I’d put my feet in the water too.  Carol and Janete were in the water with the kids.  Isac finished his work not much longer after that and joined me by the grill.  After I had all the meats done, Ricardo also was done and we sat outside from there just chatting.  It was nice hanging out and chatting.

We wanted to make sure we were home not too late as all the kids have school tomorrow, so around 7:00 I asked the kids to start coming out of the pool and going to shower.  Then when they were all done we had some dessert, which was left over Pudim de Leite from Bia’s birthday, as well as ice cream cake.  And after we were all done eating, we started getting ready to leave and were out of there around 8 something.  We got home just around 9, so we just had the girls get ready for bed and put them to sleep.  Carol and I laid down, she was reading and I checked Facebook for a bit, but was out pretty quick. 

We had a busy day today, lots going on, but we enjoyed the afternoon with our friends by the pool.

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