Day 234 – 4/21/21 Loudermilk Beach, Naples.

We had a nice day checking out another beach in Naples and just relaxing for the night.

I had a weird night last night and woke up twice, and it took a while to fall asleep again.  When my alarm went off at 6, I turned it off but stayed in bed until 7 and was able to rest a bit more.  But, this caught up to me later in the day and I was having a hard time staying awake after 8.  hehehe.  Bella was up around the same time as me, so around 7, and said she had been awake for an hour.  Bia woke up soon after, so they both ate breakfast, changed and got ready for school, but were watching YouTube until 8:45, which is when I had them stop and get in the school mode.

Bella had another good day of school and got all her work done, plus other stuff she’s been working on.  She’s been writing a book now.  During this trip, she’s done art projects, she’s written songs and done some smaller stories.  Now, she says she’s writing a book.  She read part of the story to me, and it’s pretty decent actually.  I need to make sure we get copies of all these documents from her Google drive before the school year ends.  Anyway, she wrote parts of the book during the school time today.

Bia had a good day of school as well, and had live classes pretty much all morning but was done right after lunch.

It was raining outside most of the day, with a few breaks here and there.

I didn’t have any work calls today, so I’d have time to be done and even tackle more stuff.  I went for a run around 9am, and had another nice run.  I’ve been running around the neighborhood here and there’s plenty of sidewalk and long blocks, so I don’t need to stop much, which I like.  The temperature was nice, and it was not raining while I was out.  After I got back, I showered and continued and finished writing about yesterday.  The rest of the morning and early afternoon I spent working on learning more about NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens).  I decided to try it out with a collection of pictures I’ve taken during the trip where I have the sun light or sunset creating an illusion or reflection.  I have one where we threw a piece of wood up in the air and I took the picture with the wood covering the sun as it came back down from the air, it was something we had to try a few times to get the timing of the picture just right.  But, when it did, it just happened that the shape of the wood covering the sun looks like the pacman ghost, and that blocks the sun as in a solar eclipse.  It’s a cool picture, and I have a few more that I have like that, so I decided to create a collection of those.  The process was a bit complicated, yet made easier by the fact that I already had crypto, especially ETH.  I got the account at created, pictures uploaded and listing done.  It was a bit expensive to get going, at almost $200, but once you do the first listing, you don’t have to pay to list again.  They keep a 2.5% fee once you sell.  After I was done listing this, I was ready to go as my project for the day was done, and the girls were just done with school too. Here’s a link to the picture as listed as an NFT at Opensea:

Carol took care of Maggie most of the morning.  Maggie has some stuff on her skin, so Carol gave her a bath, took her for a walk, went to the store to get some medication, new food, etc.  Early afternoon while we waited for the girls to finish school, Carol was reading a book.

We finally left around 3pm, even while it was drizzling out.  I wanted to get out and see a bit more, so I picked to go check out Loudermilk Beach, which is just north of the Naples Pier, and only 15 minutes from us.  Driving around Naples is nice, again, it is such a pretty city.  Everything is nice, looks nice, is clean, etc.  When we got to the beach it was still drizzling, so I put an hour in the parking meter and we walked in.  I had my tennis shoes on today as my left foot got a rash from the flip flops.  Not an allergy rash, but a rubbing one.  There’s cloth under the straps, and all these days with sand and salt water rubbing that on the skin got it pretty scraped up.  I’ll have to get better flip flops for beach use, but for now, I’ll give my foot a break.  Anyway, the sand there is nice, just like the sand pretty much all around here, very soft, very fine, and almost white.  The beach is nice, it is a bit wider today maybe due to lower tide, and the ocean was much calmer.  We walked around, and the girls had a great time looking for shells, and watching the little clams (I think) wiggle their way back under water after the waves would roll back.  We saw some crabs too.  The girls wanted to go in the water as they put their feet there and said it was nice and warm, but I did not bring anything to go in, and they didn’t want to go alone.  We walked around and had a nice time walking, chatting, exploring. 

This area is definitely a place to come back to.  From a beach perspective, it is awesome, and the infrastructure is great with concessions, rentals, restrooms, rinse stations in pretty much all the beaches.  When we left, my parking meter was up, so we stayed there almost exactly one hour.  Then we went looking for a quick and easy place to eat before we went back.  We ended up finding a little pizza place near the water.  We had our pizzas, some beer, sodas and ice cream for dessert.  We had a great time there too.  After dinner we drove back home.  It was almost 8pm, so the girls went to shower by the campground showers while we got things a bit organized in here.  Then we all started our bedtime routine.  The girls watched some videos.  I did some stuff online.  Carol read her book.  Around 9pm I had the girls in bed, and went to bed myself as I was having a hard time staying awake hahahah..

We had a great day today, relaxing and checking out another beach.

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