Day 185 – 3/3/21 Travel day: Galveston, Texas

Today is another moving day and we move to Galveston.  And of course, as the morning unfolds, this beautiful sunrise comes out.  Wow.  I snapped a few pictures, then woke Bia up earlier so she could do her school work she didn’t finish yesterday and she was in awe and took some pictures as well.  It was amazing.  I love that being in Central time allows me to wake up at my normal time and see these amazing sunrises.

Bia got going with the few left over questions for her project, and finished it right before her class started.  Then she jumped right in on her live class and had a good school day.  She finished her last class from the road.

Bella was up by 8, and started her school work as well.  She joined her live class and finished the work that had to be turned in today.  She had taken a topic test about polygons, and got 7 wrong out of 20, so I had to sit down with her and review all the ones she got wrong.  2-3 were just because she was not paying attention, and the rest she didn’t know or didn’t look them up properly.  Then she had a few question about the new unit, which is telling time, and understood it and finished that part.  She was mostly on her own today as Carol and I were packing to leave, so I’m hoping she actually did everything she had to 🙂

Carol was up around 8 as well and went outside to get a bit of the sunrise and take Maggie out.  We had breakfast and helped the girls until about 9, then started our packing process.

I was able to get a post written, and I’m caught up there, and also posted a new one to the site that I had queued up yesterday.  I did a bit of work, answering some client emails, helped Bella with some math, and just a little after 9 I started the packing process outside.  Our process was uneventful, and it is much nicer to setup or pack up when there’s a concrete pad under the trailer.  Everything is clean and easy to get to, usually with no bugs, etc.  As part of my process I usually go in the truck and get the TPMS system on and outside by the propane tanks, in the sun, so they can charge and read the tire pressure from the trailer.  I also turn on my trucker GPS and put the destination and compare to what google is saying, etc.  When I did that today, I realized\remembered I was low on gas, so I left and filled up at the nearby station.  Once I got back, I continued and we were ready to leave by 11.

We had a good ride to Galveston, it is all flat here, and there are lots of areas with water, ocean front, inlets, lakes, dams, what not.  We saw some more oil fields, and went through a town with big refineries from Dow, Basf, etc.  We stopped about midway for lunch, and just used one of the picnic areas on the side of the road.  Bia was in class, so she came out of the truck with her computer and brought it in the trailer while we had lunch.  One of our other stops for potty break we were in some town in Matagorda County, and I had turned into a gas station to fill up, but it sucked.  The ramp up was angled and the back of the trailer scraped the road, then as I got close to the pump I saw I would not make it out of the street, so I could not stop there.  Dang it!  I hate small stations in towns when I have everything, there’s always a problem fitting, or the pump is angled the wrong way so I can’t turn around to fill up… I ended up not filling up and just driving all the way and was fine, still had 1/4 tank left.

We kind of drove inland a bit, then east, then back into the ocean front for a while, like 90 miles or so.  Once we hit the shore, it was pretty cool.  Nice views of the ocean, and most of the land is “skinny”.  Looks like a bunch of little islands connected by bridges.  The closer we got to Galveston, the nicer it looked, and more population we saw, rather than industries. 

Then we started seeing all the houses on stilts, lifted up so they’d not be under water in high tides or what not.  We then passed the Galveston bridge, which was the last bridge and was a $2 toll.  The bridge was also narrower than most, and I had to go slow to make sure I cleared without hitting anything.  Once we passed that bridge, we were almost there.  As we drove in to the campground I was pretty happy that pretty much all the spots looked nice, and had great views of the water, even if they were not right in front of it.  I stopped the trailer to checkin, and got my site number, then as I went out realized we were stopped right in front of it.  Ha!  It is a good site, the back of the trailer faces a little body of water (small pond), and the front faces the beach, with only one row of trailers in front of us.  We are also right next to the office, so amenities are right there, and the wifi signal is strong.  The spot has a concrete pad for the trailer, and another in front of the door with a picnic table.  We backed in easily and got setup quickly as well.  Again, with concrete and grass, it is much easier to get setup.  As Carol and I got things connected, the girls were outside playing. In the sun, it was feeling nice and warm, but the breeze was colder, so it felt a bit cold in the shade.

Once we were all done, we enjoyed staying outside a bit.  Then we had dinner, showers, girls did a bit of work, and we watched a bit of TV.  I did some work as well.  Oh, and the sunset was pretty awesome.  It is cool that here the sun rises on one side of the beach, and sets on the other.  I’m not used to that, but that’s amazing because you have the sunrise and sunset by the beach, it’s 2x more amazing!  hahahah… I’m used to sun setting or rising by the beach, not both…. Oh, and before I started working with my computer, I told Carol we had to finish the puzzle, so I joined them (they had very little to finish) and we pushed hard to finish and within 10 minute the puzzle was all done… and the table was all clear again.. yay hahahahah. With that, we were all ready for bed, and wrapped the day.

It was a nice moving day, cool views on the way, and decent weather as we arrived.

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