Day 183 – 3/1/21 Travel day: Corpus Christi, Texas.

Wow, it is March already!  Today was a moving day, and we had a good trip moving to Corpus Christi.

We took our time this morning, but while still shooting to leave by 11.  After I woke up, I worked on a post, and catching up on emails.  I also booked the Ferry in Key West to take us to Dry Tortugas National Park in April.  That was expensive, but it is a 2plus hour ride each way, with snacks, snorkels, etc all included.  I’m hoping we have nice weather then because the island is pretty awesome.

I tried to get both girls up at the same time, but really just trying to wake Bia up for her class.  She got up and got going, logged in and had her classes all morning while we packed to go, and was able to have a good day of school.  She even joined 2 classes from the road, and I think she’s mostly caught up now with school.

Bella was up soon after Bia, and got some work done.  Her teacher didn’t have any live sessions today, and had not sent the usual list of things to do, so we got her to do what we know she usually had to do and she did it all.  We think she’s caught up, but not sure.  Carol had gotten her a book recently, a chapter book, with lots of pages, which Bella usually does not like.  She started reading it yesterday and loved it, and said she will finish it today, before we get to the next campground.  And sure enough, she was done with the book within the first hour after we left.  After both girls were done with school, and reading, we let them use their phones for the rest of the ride to Corpus Christi.

Carol was up around the same time as the girls, and had breakfast and started separating clothes to do laundry before we left, she’s been doing that a few times now, and sometimes we wait a few minutes to leave because the drier is about to finish and we are all ready to go.  Today was one of those, we waited 5 minutes for laundry to finish so we could go.  No big deal.  Carol also vacuumed the truck while we were packing to go, and worked on the usual things inside.  When she pulled the slide out in, I sprayed the track a bit, and the slide is going in super smooth.

I did the usual packing process, disconnecting, etc. and we were out of there by 11.  Because of the angle we were parked, I had to go around a block in the campground so we could head out, but we were also right by the bridge that leads out of the island, and we were on the highway in no time.  The weather was crappy, lots of fog still, some wind, and chance of rain.  Pretty much the same forecast all the way to Corpus Christi, with the wind picking up there. 

We had a good drive today, slower than usual due to fog and drizzle, but it was good.  We made a couple of stops, one of which was at a rest stop.  Funny thing about this was that the stop was on the left, so you actually had to move to the fast lane to enter the rest stop, and it was weird and felt dangerous.  But, we made that stop for lunch. Carol made noodles for the girls, I had sandwiches and she had a salad.  It is nice to pull into rest stops, lock the truck, go in the trailer, and just feel like home.  We can use the bathroom, cook, listen to music on the radio, even take a nap in our own beds.  We have not taken a nap yet, but had done all the rest. hahahaha. 

As we got closer to our campground it got foggier and the drizzle was more intense, turning into a light rain.  We are at the Corpus Christi KOA, which is right by the water.  I had received instructions to not follow the GPS, and instead take a frontage road.  The email didn’t explain why, but I followed the instructions and as we got close I understood why, road constructions.  Google Maps did not pick that up either, so I’m glad they had it in the email because driving around with the RV hooked up can be challenging in smaller streets.  It was kind of raining when we arrived, and there were some trucks in front of the entrance of the campground, so I went down and did the check in.  We have a site right by the water, it’s awesome!  Too bad the weather sucks and we may not be able to enjoy it as much, or at all.  After check in, they said someone would escort us to our spot, we’d have to go in, go around the campground and come back towards the exit to be able to park by our spot in front of the water.  We did so, then Carol went down to help guide, but the cart lady was there and she ended up chit chatting and forgot to help.  Completely!  hahahaha… another lady was nearby and guided me into the spot.  It was another spot where I had to turn the trailer to my right, so it is harder to see.  The lady did a great job helping and we were in quick, then from there it was just preference as to how far back to park or not.  We had put the trailer as far back as possible at first, and while Carol was removing the bars and I was putting the choks (breaks) on, I felt the electrical box was too far, so I decided to check if the cord would reach, before we got too far disconnecting.  I’m glad I did, because it didn’t reach.  We had to move the trailer forward about 3 feet, and then continue the process.  It was raining lightly, so as soon as we were unhitched I told Carol to go inside with the girls and I’d finish the rest.  This place is nice, it’s a nice new place entirely, the sites are concrete pads, surrounded by grass, with a patio with table, chairs and a fire pit.  Setting up is then easy and not messy, aside from being wet due to the rain.  When I got all done, things put away, etc I went inside and we got ready to leave.  Carol was helping Bia with some school work, and Bella was on her phone.

We had a few things to do, so we left.  I had to get fitted for a suit for Alex’s wedding, so I went to the nearby Men’s Warehouse, which happens to be near an HEB grocery store, so I left Carol and there girls there.  I got fitted quick and was done fast, then drove to a nearby auto parts store to get a bulb for the truck’s rear taillight that is out on the passenger side.  And by time I got back to HEB, Carol and the girls were done.  Next stop was PetSmart, as Carol needed to get food and some medication for Maggie.  Then when they were done it was pretty late and we decided to just eat next door at On the Border (Tex Mex place) since it was that close.  Bella was not too excited about Mexican food, but that’s what we had.  The place was nice, big, lots of room, tables spread out and nice music.  But their COVID precautions were a bit lackluster.  A big group of people with no masks came in, and they said nothing.  Then our waiter had his mask half way, and a few times all the way down, that was a problem and we once again had to put our masks on when he approached.  We ordered some carne asada, steak fajitas and Carol got empanadas and salad.  There was plenty there for Bella, and she made a taco with the steaks and had an empanada and loved it.  That was plenty of food for the four of us, and the price was very reasonable too.  Then we drove back to camp.  It was raining more at that time, and the wind was much stronger.  When we got back it was way past the girls bed time, so Carol had them skip showers and just get ready for bed.  We put things away while they got ready, then we showered, and wound down and went to bed.  It is a bit colder here than we expected, but not bad in the 50s, but the wind is crazy, at over 30mph.

We had a good moving day and got settled in Corpus Christi.

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