Day 178 – 2/24/21 Travel day: Terlingua to Del Rio, TX

We are moving today, we stop in Del Rio tonight, on our way to South Padre Island.

We had agreed yesterday to leave by 9am, so once I was up, I made coffee and wrote down a few things here so I’d not forget, but that was about it.  I took care of a few emails, and ran out of time to do anything else, so I got everyone up and we started moving by 7.  I worked on things inside until 8, so I got things ahead for Carol here and I didn’t want to be making noise outside so early.  I was outside by 8, and started the process there.  The area around the truck was still muddy, and that mud was still caking under my shoes.  My hiking shoes are so full of that, it’s not even funny.  We got everything ready to go and were out right by 9.  I had packed my backpack with the girls computers and some school books, and the ATT hotspot, so that they can do some work when we have reception.

We had a long drive to Del Rio, with almost 6 hours of driving.  It was an easy drive, we started out going through Big Bend National Park and it’s a beautiful drive with all the mountains around you. As we left the park, we made a quick stop for bathroom breaks, and kept going. 

It was maybe an hour or so after the park that the scenery changed a bit and looked a lot more flat, but once in a while we’d have some canyons.  We made two stops to fill up and use bathrooms.  We also saw a few border patrol posts, some vehicles scouting open fields, etc.  Definitely more activity here.

As we got closer to Del Rio, we could see more canyons, and the Amistad Reservoir, and then Walk Lake, which is right across from our campground.  The area looks very nice, too bad we are not staying longer :).  Our campground was again right off the highway, so it was easy to get to.  I checked in, no problem, they have plenty of spaces and put us right in front of the bathrooms and wifi tower.  The lady at the desk told me the water level is 43ft lower in the lake right now.  wow.  Oh, and we are so close to Mexico that my phone showed me a “Welcome to Mexico” message from T-Mobile. Hahahaha.

We went to our spot, and had a very big spot, with plenty of space all around.  We got setup and connected pretty quick, and the girls were out playing with their buckets and making a mess as they usually do.  Once we got setup, I read the paperwork from the campground and it said we could wash vehicles with permission, and since the weather was so nice, I went to the front office to ask if I could, and the lady said it was ok.  I checked the laundry room for Carol as well, we had gotten change when we checked in.  Carol then worked on laundry, and by the end of the day had done all the laundry we had, including bedding and towels.  I washed the trailer and the truck, both needed it bad.  The truck had mud, salt, sand, all kinds of stuff from all the different places we have been to recently.  The trailer had not been washed since we were in Hollister, which was early December I think.  I started washing the trailer, and started with the roof.  All looked good there, I felt it was actually not as dirty as I thought it’d be.  The seals looked fine, I didn’t feel the roof was caving more than any time before, and the few bubbles were the same or smaller.  I washed as much of the awning as I could as well.  While we washed the trailer, Carol was inside with Bella.  It was warm enough that they had the AC on, since the windows had to stay closed.  Carol also cleaned the windows inside, and when we were done, she did the outside.  Then, I moved to the front, and Bia wanted to help, so while I did the trailer, she was cleaning the truck.  She got the floor mats out, vacuumed a bit, then washed the floor mats.  Then she helped me with the trailer, she wanted to hose things down or rinse, and she really liked to get all wet. hahahaha… Since I had washed the bottom of the trailer, the support beams and wheels, Bia did that with the truck.  She washed the wheels, the inside of the fenders, and the steps.  By time we were done, she was soaked, but she wanted more… so she just poured water right on her head. hahahah.  

Bella had been inside doing her thing, and she wrote two songs.  She read one to me, and it was actually pretty good.  She’s talented!  She was all happy and proud she wrote her own song, and she was super happy Bia actually said she liked it.

The girls ended up not doing much school today, not much in the car.  So, before bed we had them do a little.  Bia did some, and I could tell she made some progress.  Bella did not do much, so she’ll end up stuck doing work when we could be at the beach over the weekend.

This area looks very nice and I wanted to go check out the water, but ended up busy washing the truck and trailer, and then putting things away, etc.

Little by little we all showered.  Carol made dinner and we had dinner inside, kind of one standing, one sitting here, the other there as we had all the laundry and stuff all over yet.  We got things cleaned up from there.  The girls made their beds and got ready for bed.  Carol and I made our bed, finished putting laundry away.  Carol did the dishes and I put them away.  And little by little we got everything back in order, kids in bed, etc.  We were tired, and just got a few more things lined up for tomorrow and went to bed ourselves.

We had a good moving day today, and enjoyed the nicer weather.

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