First month of our RV trip – Our Stats

I wanted to make a post with stats and tidbits about our first month on the road, and some of the stuff we did for prep as well, so here we go.  

Quick stop for gas between Helena and Glacier
  • 4,317 miles driven, averaging 33 mph (6.948 kms)
  • 330 gallons of diesel, at average 13.1 mpg (1.249 liters)
  • 7 national parks visited (some awesome state parks as well, like Custer State Park)
  • 1,609 pictures and videos taken just by me (Itamar)
  • 80 GB of data used (approximate) between our phones and hotspots (not counting the campground or other Wi-Fi we were able to use)
  • 45 different local beers I tried
  • 22 days of virtual school for the kids
  • 6 states visited/traveled through
  • 7 different campgrounds
  • 87 miles walked, hiked, ran or biked (140 kms) – tracked on Strava
  • 2 tanks of propane used 
  • 1 car wash
  • Many loads of laundry
  • All new lug nuts on the trailer (original ones were not good and were cracking)
  • Installed one way flow valve and extra hose to prevent city water from filling fresh water tank
  • Tightened lots of screws and bolts at least twice
  • Before we left we had upgraded the following on the trailer: installed triple water filtration system under the sink, so we don’t have to buy drinking water; installed bathroom vent cover, so we can leave the vent open even when it rains; washed the trailer including roof, inspected for tears and leaks; installed bike rack in front on A frame, installed bike holders on cargo carrier in back, installed bed lift to make it easier to lift bed and keep it open for easy access, upgraded toilet to ceramic since the old one had a recall anyway, bought a Weber Q1200 gas grill and converted it to run on the LP from the trailer, put memory foam pillow tops over all mattresses, installed TPMS on trailer tires, installed mud guard on truck to reduce amount of debris that would hit the trailer, sanitized the fresh water tank and water system
  • Patience tested every Monday with virtual school, and lately almost daily.  Yikes.
  • Countless moments of joy and thankfulness for being able to do this trip together.

And we continue going west… keep on keeping on.  Cheers.

Helena, MT
Glacier National Park

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