Day 109 – 12/17 Downtown Groveland, CA

Today was a rainy day, but we got to take a walk downtown and see a few things.

It was raining when I woke up, and it had rained all night long.  Looking at the forecast it’s showing we have 100% humidity right now, and that’s how it will be for most of the day.  Our windows are soaked again, some early signs of mold forming, so we need to take care of this ASAP.  I wiped the windows and Carol cleaned the windows as well and put some mold killer to make sure nothing goes further.  I’m glad we took care of it before it goes too far and that we’ll have the dehumidifier here soon.

I had a weekly work call this morning, and after that I worked on our reservation for Boulder City, which required a call to the campground.  We are now set for that one, and I need to make ours for Flagstaff but will work on that maybe in a week or two, first few days of January likely will be fine.  I ended up just helping the girls most of the rest of the morning as there were some challenges.

Bia started her day normal, and looked like she’d be done just before lunch, but…. She hit a snag while doing her math test.  She hit the submit button by mistake before she was finished, and she broke down, freaked out and started crying.  She was very upset that her grade was bad, and just kept crying.  I talked to her, calmed her down, and told her to just do the test on paper and we’d send to her teacher and ask that she open the test again, or use the paper submitted as the answers.  She got calmer and got going on paper,  but was still frustrated, she was having a hard time with some basic stuff, as if she had never learned.  The whole situation kind of blocked her brain from working hahahah.  But, little by little, she got going and worked on it, and was done a little after lunch.  And she was proud of it when she was done.  I sent a picture of the answers sheet to the teacher, and she counted that, and scored it.  Bia got 15/20, which I think was pretty good considering the whole ordeal.  She’s going to re-do the 5 she missed and resend for a few extra points.  Though, I did see one marked wrong that looks right to me hahahaha.. 

Bella had a good morning, got her work done fast, and was all happy that her class finally sang Happy Birthday to her.  She had missed the proper day so they caught up today.  She was very happy.

Carol took the rainy morning opportunity and cleaned up the bathroom today, and got a few things caught up. She made lunch and we planned what to do in the afternoon as the kids finished school.

We were all done with school and left camp around 3pm.  First, we stopped at the local brewery which is called Around The Horn.  They can only sell to go, so I got 4 big cans (32oz each) of 4 different beers that had.  I got 2 that Carol will drink, which were a blonde ale and a pilsner, and 2 IPAs for me.  From there, we went to the park downtown.  I had seen they have a trail near the park, so we went to the trail first as I wanted to make sure we could put in a 30 minute walk before the girls would play.  We had not much done all day physically, so we needed a bit of a walk.  We could not find the trail too easily as it was not marked, but there was a little bridge nearby and we went in that direction as I could see what looked like a trail after the bridge.

We started walking on that path, it went up a tight path and then we found what looked like a car trail, and we went left.  Right after we turned, we saw a little camp, and it looked like someone was living there, right in the side of the path, in the woods.  We just kept walking as we didn’t see anyone, and you know, it was just someones home in the woods.  We could see the downtown from there as we were walking slight up, and the more we walked the higher we went and the better we could see the town.  The path was full of fallen trees as well, fallen branches, and some left overs from fires.  We had to go over some bigger trees to keep going.  The path was ok, until we hit a dead end, which was another tent with stuff splattered everywhere, this was a little creepier, so we turned around and just backtracked our way.  This time, right passed the first tent we had seen, there was a dog barking at us on the path.  We stopped and waited for the dog to go away, and it did, just went down a path.  Carol and Bella walked passed the dog, and when Bia and I were going, the dog started barking again and came back a bit.  We waited a little more and then kept going, the dog just stayed there.  Bia was a bit scared, and kept saying how she hates when people leave their dogs loose.  I do too… hahahah…. Especially when I’m out running.  We walked a little further the other way until we made enough time for our 30 minute walk, and then went back.  It was good to get a little walk, and everyone usually gets in a good mood when we do some walking.  It was only a little creepy when we ran into some tent homes :). It was a pretty walk, with nice views of the woods and the town.

Then we went to the playground.  It was a small playground, and most of it was wet, so we ended up staying just like 10-15 minutes, but they had fun.

After the playground we went grocery shopping.  Carol and Bella walked there as we were pretty close.  Bia came with me in the truck.  We pretty much all arrived at the same time.  Their store is small, but they have everything you need, and it’s reasonably priced… Remember we are in a small mountain town, so this was actually pretty good.  We got groceries for the night, and for our trip to Yosemite tomorrow.

We went back to camp, Carol made dinner, we had the beers from the local brewery and they were awesome!  All of them. hahahahaha… quite a good amount of beer.  We had 3 of the 4 cans. :). Everyone showered and we watched movies the rest of the night.

It was a slower day with the rain, but we made it work and had a nice walk together then a movie night.

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