Day 88 – 11/26 Sacramento to San Francisco – Thanksgiving!

Today was Thanksgiving.  We moved from Sacramento to San Francisco and had a nice day.

Happy Thanksgiving!  Thankful for our family, our friends, our health, the love we give and receive, peace, and this amazing opportunity to be traveling together.

We wanted to leave timely today, so we could get to San Francisco early enough, and the girls wanted to ride these pedal carts they have here, so…. I woke up, posted the post for the day, had some coffee and started making noise to get them up. 

Bella woke up, the Bia and I had them change and eat breakfast quick so they’d have time to ride the pedal carts.  They really wanted to do it, so they moved quick.  We had pre-cleaned some stuff yesterday, so there wasn’t too much out of place.  Carol woke up and we got going.  Kids went to the front desk to get the carts, but they needed a parent to go sign something,…. Then they needed helmets… then they could get the darn PEDAL carts… yeah, they go so fast you must wear a helmet.. hahahaha… I think I saw the girls crossing the 3mph mark. Hahahaha

Anyway, while they pedaled around on their little heavy carts, Carol and I finished our packing.  We were able to be out by 11.  The girls wanted a final good bye to the animals in the petting zoo, so they ran there and we picked them up there.

Our ride to San Francisco was easy.  We drove back through that marsh type area, it’s a one lane road for a while but traffic was moving decent, eve though the roads were busy all the way. 

The ride was again up and down mountains, we made a stop at one of the rest stops for lunch and that was nice.  We had leftover Picanha, some cheese and bread, Carol made a fresh pan of rice… yummm… 

Super cool view of a valley, and good lunch.  It’s so nice to be able to just stop anywhere and have lunch, relax a bit, before hitting the road again.. not to mention use your own toilet hahaha.

We kept going, and in no time we could see San Francisco… and soon after we were crossing the Golden Gate Bridge.  That was a cool experience, to be crossing this massive beautiful bridge with the kids, pulling a 35 foot trailer behind us :). There were a few signs to make sure wider loads were on the right lanes, especially to pass through the toll booth.  On that note, the toll collection here is pretty cool.  You no longer have to stop at the booth, you have a few options to pay ahead (toll pass, online payment) or you can get invoiced.  To get invoiced you just drive through and based on your license plate they will send you the invoice via mail.  If you don’t pay, you get a ticket on top.  Pretty easy, and very efficient for traffic flow.  As expected, each payment type has a different cost… the most expensive being the invoice.  We did that one 🙂

The rest of the drive was nice, lots of opportunity to see the city from the top, clear skies, sunny.  We are in Pacifica actually, which is just south of San Francisco city, right on the coast.  It’s a 15 minute drive to downtown San Francisco.  We already knew we had site 139, so it was easy once we got here.  Site 139 used to be a ”B” site, meaning it’s right behind the best ones which were in front of the ocean. 

Now, it just so happened that the ocean eroded the ground in front of the campground and those A sites are actually gone, so our site 139 is prime now. Hahahaha.. we are right in front of the ocean, can sit in front of our RV and see the beautiful sunset right there.  And we are only a few feet and a fence away from a cliff :).

The campground is kind of tight, not much room around the trailer, so we parked very close to the left enough to open the slide out and have as much room on the right side, by the door, as we could. 

Even with that, there’s not enough room o the right to do much but walk.  It is that tight… but, we have an amazing view of the ocean, amazing sunset, and can hear the waves breaking all day and night.  I actually really enjoy it.  We are also very close to stores, walking distance to a grocery store and gas stations, so super convenient. 

We parked, started getting setup and Carol got going on the Thanksgiving meal.

We were able to talk to most of our family and friends for Thanksgiving.  We talked to Alex and Alexis, Bob and Judy, Dede, Gehri’s, Calina’s and Bellodi’s.

As Carol was wrapping up lunch, we all cleaned up and got the table ready for our meal.  Carol made a lot of stuff, all the traditional dishes… Turkey, Mashed potatoes, corn, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and pies! :).

Before we had our meal we went around saying what we were thankful for, and I’m so impressed (and thankful) for the things the girls said.  All I’m going to say is that they are awesome, they are caring, they are thankful and are enjoying our trip and time together as much as we are.  We had a great thanksgiving dinner. 

We had a great time with dessert. hahahaha… I had to get the girls noses with whipped cream when they wanted some right in the mouths. Hahaha tried to get some good pics.

We spent some time watching the amazing sunset, then watched some TV and called it a night.  We had a great thanksgiving day.

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