Day 8 – 9/7 Dinosaur Park, Storybook Island and Reptile Gardens

What a great night of sleep.  It was cold as the temp outside dropped quite a bit and it’s 52 right now, but that makes it better for me to sleep, so I had a great night, woke up at 7:30am which is much later than usual.  Temps today will continue dropping, it may rain, and by night time the forecast says 32 with a chance of snow.. snow!!??  Nooooo….

We took another slower day, it was very cold, so Carol decided to just stay in the camper, clean up, video a walk around of the camper from the inside (I’ll do the outside later), and work on editing more videos.  I took the girls out to visit the city. 

We first went to Dinosaur Park, which is basically an area um top of a hill that has some Dinosaur statues.  The view of Rapid City is very nice, so pictures turn out pretty cool.  The girls loved it, they had a lot of fun climbing on the statues and posing for pictures.  It is not a big place, so we were done in about 45 mins. 

I then took then to Storybook Island.  That’s a place worth taking kids, if you have some time to kill and you want something different than nature and hiking.  This is a park, free park, with lots of scenes from kids story books, as the name calls it. 

There are scenes from most kids books you can think of that are mainstream. 

The girls loved that place and we were there for almost 2 hours.  It was cold, so they had winter jackets on, and were running around and having fun. 

Going on the props, climbing, posing for pictures, etc. 

I enjoyed watching them have fun, and it’s the fun kids their age like to have, just running around in a kids park. 

It was about to start drizzling so we left and went back to the camper to have lunch.  Carol made soup and we had a nice meal together, great way to warm up.  Making soup sure steamed the windows in the camper though :).

I then left again with the girls to take them to the Reptile Garden. 

They loved that place, and were really into watching the snakes, even saw one changing skin, etc. 

They’d stop in every window, read the type of animal, try to find it, see something interesting about it, then move to the next one. 

They really wanted to pet the Giant Turtoises, but because it was raining they were inside and not close to petting, but we can return there any time as the entrance fee is basically an annual pass, we only needed to take a picture of us in front of a sign.  They already said they want to go back, and mainly to pet the Turtoises. 

After that, we went to Cabella’s, to try to find me a pair of water proof hiking shoes.  Carol and the girls got Merrels for themselves yesterday, but I didn’t find any that fit me well, so I wanted to see what Cabella’s had.  I spent like an hour trying different shoes, and eventually found one I’d be willing to try, not the best fit, but was good enough and was like $60.  They “convinced” me to open a Cabella’s card and get $25 off, so I did and the shoes were pretty cheap then.  With the upcoming cold-snow combo, waterproof shoes will be a must.  That was the last thing we did out, went back “home” and it was after 5 already, so girls got caught up on any school work, we had dinner, everyone got caught up on electronics, we watched some TV, got the furnace going and went to bed.

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