Day 70 – 11/8 Crescent City, CA to Eureka, CA (Humboldt County)

We move to Eureka today, moving down little by little to continue getting a feel for the fire and smoke situation, which we actually have not encountered yet here in CA.  Good news for us.

I had another great night of sleep, even better this time as we put the pillow top we had brought for the old mattress on top of the new one.  Wow… feels like we are sleeping on a cloud now.  Amazing.  I think that’s a keeper.  I got up and got my coffee going, and continued catching up on posts.  The girls woke up next, then Carol.  Girls got up and went on their electronics, and little by little changed, had breakfast, etc.

As usual on moving days, I started our process around 9.  Tried to get everything dry outside, put the bikes on the racks, tied them, put things in the truck, etc.  Our little foldable table is getting a little harder to fold as the hinges and buttons are corroding, so I may need to spray some WD40 on there too.  I took the ladder and dried up the top of the slide out as well, there was not a lot of water, but I dried it up anyway so we don’t have to worry about any water inside as it slides in.  I also took some time to make sure all the stuff in the tools compartment was organized, so hoses were nicely rolled, and everything set in place and neat.

Carol took care of the inside, and this time took some time to wash down the bathroom too.  We were all ready to go by 11.  So again, we are pretty consistent at being ready and out in 2 hours.  Pretty much all campgrounds have a check out time of 11, so our routine is good.

The drive from Crescent City to Eureka was very nice, it was all on Highway 101, which routes next to the ocean for most of the way, and through the Redwoods in some parts.  The first 30 minutes were probably the tougher as we went through the Jedediah Smith Redwoods Park, and the turns were tight, but I just went a little slower and made sure we were clearing safely.  Then we hit the ocean from there and had some awesome ocean views.  The sun was out, so we had some great views.

Our drive was good, it was a short 2 hour drive to Eureka.  The campground is actually right between Arcata and Eureka, right in front of the Arcata Bay.  The GPSs (I usually have both the Trucker GPS and Google Maps going) pointed to the place, but we didn’t see it.  I eventually turned around to approach the area from the opposite direction and we saw a camping sign, so we followed and it was it.  No other signs, so not easy to find from the road.  The campground is right behind a lumber yard, and those are the only two businesses on that exit, so the first impression was not great.  Then, the lobby is under remodeling and the whole campground is just ok looking, with pot holes on the roads, etc.  It was extremely windy when we arrived, and the wind was very cold.  While we were setting up, the lady from the office came tell Carol to move the trailer back because we could not be on the road, but we were still setting up, and had not unhooked, and our plan was to actually park the truck behind the trailer.  I didn’t move the trailer, and we just finished setting up as planned.  Then there were kids running around, fighting, no masks, yelling.  All of that together just did not give us a good first impression of the place.  But, we got all setup and connected, and left to get groceries downtown.  

Some of the kids were flying kits made with grocery bags, so the girls wanted to try as well.

The “bag kites” would fly, but kind of just stay floating right behind them, so they had to keep running just to have it up in the air. It was a great energy burning session 🙂

We went to a Safeway as I had a prescription being filled there, my cholesterol med.  We can tell this is an older town as we drove through some older and run down neighborhoods.  At Safeway while I went to the pharmacy, Carol was grocery shopping.  She had a run with some random guy whiteout a mask, holding a big dog.  The guy started yelling at her out of the blue for wearing a mask, and having her kids wear a mask, and that masks are slowly killing kids, and people like Carol are the problem in this country, balboa… wow…. Carol was a little upset, and that just added to the first impression on Eureka not being great for her.  She just brushed it off, told the guy “oh, thank you” and move on.  We finished getting our groceries and went back to the campground.  Plan from there was to have dinner and watch some TV before going to bed.

I got some local bears, and this one was one of them. Actually pretty good beer, and great timing with the election. Note: this is not a political statement by any means. No beer candidate was running. hahahaha.

After all the running and while Bella showered, Bia wanted to put cucumbers under her eyes to “get rid of bags”. hahahahah… I’m sure she saw this in some YouTube video. Ok, we let her cut the cucumber and do it. hahahaha.. I’m still laughing.

Carol made dinner and I worked on some posts while the girls showered.  We also had to setup each device to connect to their wifi, and most devices require you to actually go to the office so the popup with the request for a pin code comes up.  I don’t know why they make it so only the Access Point by the office does this, but my guess is so that they can ensure only phones and laptops connect.  Once you enter the pin, you can move around the place and not worry about it again.  This meant it’d be a bit more challenging to put a smartTV on their wifi.  Well, not for us! hahahahah… After dinner, we made a deal here, I’d take the TV off the wall and wash the dishes, and Carol would take the truck to the front office and connect the TV to the wifi.  Our TV is super light, lighter than Carol’s Mac, so it was an easy process.  The truck has a 110V plug right in the front, so it all worked out well.  Carol was back before I was done with the dishes.  Ahahahah… and we have Wifi on the TV.

We looked for a show to watch with the kids, one that would be funny, appropriate, etc.  We decided on A Man with a Plan, with Matt LeBlanc (Joey from Friends).  That was a good pick, the kids liked it, we did too, it’s funny, silly, and actually current with situations, family settings, etc.  We watched a few episodes before going to bed.  It was very windy outside, so we had the heaters on until we went to bed.

That was our day, not a ton of stuff, but there’s always something 🙂

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