Day 65 – 11/3 Rumiano Cheese, Crescent City Beaches, Seaquake Brewery and Ice Cream

Today we got to check out the Rumiano Cheese factory and the beaches in Crescent City, then stop at Seaquake Brewery for dinner, and finish with Ice Cream at CCs.

Today’s school session was much better than yesterday’s, but still not back to the normal we had for a few weeks in a row.  The girls did get most of their work done a little after lunch, without much complaining or frustrations.

I got some work done, had some calls, which I did from the “living room”, using the foldable computer table Carol got me.  I use that thing all the time now.  I can fit it beside the bed and use it there with the door closed, then I sit on the spot in front of the mirror.  I can also use that desk by the couch, which is where I use most of the time, unless I have a call and need less “outside” noise.  I’ve done some calls, like today, where Bia and Bella are also on their live class and talking, and the three of us end up talking at the same time and I’m sure our voices carry to all audiences :).

After the call I got some more work done and went for a run. 

I didn’t go too far on my run, just went left on the road out of the campground and turned towards Stout Grove, but didn’t go that far. 

It was a nice run, I do like running on roads and this was was smooth and pretty. 

Shoulder was not there in a few spots, but it was ok.  After I got back from the run I helped the girls finish school while Carol made lunch.  After lunch, the girls were done with school, so we all got ready to go.  

I wanted to check out Rumiano’s cheese factory as some reviews said it was a must see place.  We went there first as they close at 5.  When we got there we could see the factory, which is not huge, and a factory store.  We were went in the store, and it’s quite small, with only 4 people allowed at a time (due to COVID).  Their selection is ok, but not huge, and I was expecting to see more of something.  Maybe more cheese options, maybe a tasting, or a tour.  But not much.  They do have an ok selection so some great looking cheeses, so I grabbed 3, Carol grabbed one and Bella got one.  I got two spicy ones and one with Zatar that was not spicy.  So far, all their cheeses I tried were very good.

We left the cheese place and went towards the end of the beach access road, which takes you to Point St George. 

The views are amazing.  Vast beach with rocks, waves breaking on the rocks.  It’s very cool. 

We walked around the beach there, checked out the shore, a cave, and some tide pools. 

We could hear sea lions from there, but could not see them, but knew they’d be somewhere down our driving path as we kept driving towards downtown from that beach. 

We walked on some of the rocks and checked out what we could, and we spent a good 45 minutes there. 

We saw one surfer going in the water, but did not see him after that, which was weird.  There must be some spot further out that is better for surfing.

We moved on to the next beach, which was not that much further down.  Not very different from the prior one, but now we were closer to some bigger rocks, and there were more surfers in the water.  We also could hear the sea lions much better, and based on what we saw in Coos Bay, we guessed they were by the rocks ahead of us.  There were a few surfers in the water this time, and we could see them hanging in the same spot waiting for a good wave.  We didn’t walk around for too long on this one, just took some pictures and checked out a few rocks.  On our way out a surfer was coming in and mentioned there had been a whale that was spotted next to the bigger rock the last few days, and we should watch that spot and we could see it.  He said you only need to watch for 3-4 minutes or so, and if you don’t see anything, the whale is not there.  We waited for about 5 and didn’t see anything, so we kept going.

We kept going, and stopping at some beaches and look outs to see it, enjoy the beauty and take pictures.  It is a very pretty area.  We went all the way downtown and saw the lighthouse too, but didn’t go too close.  That may be the goal for another day.

From there we stopped at Seaquake Brewery, which also has a restaurant. 

It was a really nice spot.  The building is very cool, it’s very close to the light house and the beach. 

Service was really nice, the beer was great, and the food was really good as well. 

I’m glad we stopped there. 

Again, the pizza was great.

The sliders were awesome.

We had fun there, and had some good laughs. 

Bia wanted some Ice Cream, so we found a more “local” place, and stopped at CCs Ice Cream and Diner.  They had pretty good Ice Cream.  I’m usually not a huge fan of Peanut Butter Ice Cream, but their chocolate PB one was awesome.

We went back home after Ice Cream, everyone got ready for bed, Carol and I watched some TV and worked on stuff, and then called it a day.

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