Day 61 – 10/30 Hangout at Home, Carve Pumpkins and Campfire

Today was a hangout at home day after finishing school for the week, and we also carved pumpkins.

Our morning routine was the same as usual today.  Girls got their school work going and done. 

I worked on getting posts updated and caught up, and did some work online, and you can see my “office” for the day above.

Bella decided to dress up for her virtual class since the kids in school were dressed up too. hahahah

Carol helped the girls with some art projects, and they also worked on beads and stuff.

I wanted to go to town to get stuff to wash the trailer, and also get a gift for Carol for tomorrow, and stuff to decorate the trailer, so I finished what I was doing and left the girls with just arts stuff to do with Carol.  I went to Walmart and was able to find everything I wanted.  I got a soft expandable broom thing to wash the trailer, got a wash and wax product as well, and decorations and the gift for tomorrow.  On the way back I also stopped at a liquor store to get some beer, and I know Carol likes Stella so I got a 12 pack for her. 

We didn’t have big plans for the day, maybe try to go crabbing, we’ve been meaning to do it since we got here.  But, today was not the day to go crabbing. 

After I got back from Walmart, Carol and the girls were doing their beads, the girls had finished school, and the day was nice and warm, so I decided I’d wash the trailer with my new equipment.  I guess Bella tried to prank Carol with some toilet paper and rolls. ahahaha… she’s too funny.

It was just past 11, so I had enough time before lunch.  I got the hose connected to the brush, got a little bit of the wash and wax into a bucket and filled it with water.  I tried to get the trailer wet by putting the hose setting on max, spraying the surface and then lightly brushing it still with the water on max.  Then, I would wash it with the solution. 

It worked very well, and I could see the trailer getting nice and clean, and shiny.  I then would rinse the same way I got it wet.  I did the whole trailer, but the roof and underneath, and it took about an hour to finish. 

I was pretty happy with how it was looking, so I decided to do the truck as well.  I didn’t do the truck’s wheels, but did everything else.  While I was washing the truck, I got the grill started and got some burgers going.  Truck turned out nice too, clean and shiny, and finally got the side mirrors clean.  Maybe I’ll try to wash everything every 4 weeks or so, or if it’s just too dirty.

Carol came outside and found a nice spot to relax while the we got ready to eat.

After I finished washing the truck, the burgers were ready, so we ate outside. 

I tried some of the beers I bought earlier as we kept doing stuff outside.

The sun got covered by clouds, and it looked like it was going to rain, so we had the awning out. 

We decided to carve pumpkins next.  Bia got right to it with Carol.

And she got to gut the pumpkin pretty quick.

Bella got to it next.

It took her a bit longer to take all the seeds out.

But she found a way to make it go a little easier. She just had to stand on the table 🙂

And next thing she was carving it and picking the eyes out hahahaha.

That was fun, as always, the girls like drawing their own ideas, doing the carving and “gutting” of the pumpkins, and saving the seeds for later. 

After the pumpkins were all done, we cleaned up the table and moved it a bit closer to the trailer so we could just sit outside and play some cards.  The girls founds spots for their pumpkin.  Bella put hers by the tree next to the road, and Bia put hers under the steps that lead into the trailer, and we put lights in both of them.  And the annual pumpkin carving was done and successful.  

Bella decided to play some guitar for us after that as we were getting ready to play cards.

The girls didn’t want to play cards, so they each got their computers and sat next to Carol and I outside, and were watching stuff online.  Carol and I were playing “buraco”, which is a card game our parents played a lot, and still play, but I don’t know what it’s called in English. 

We were just relaxing there, having some beers, enjoying being outside, listening to the ocean nearby, some soft drizzle coming down.  We talked to Bob and Judy for a while too, it had been some time since we last chatted and were not running around, so it was nice catching up.  The girls even stopped what they were doing to say hi and talk a bit.

As the night fell, the girls started playing with us, we were doing card tricks and stuff.  The drizzle stopped and the clouds cleared so I started a fire and we sat around the fire for a good amount of time. 

We relaxed outside by the fire, chatted, laughed, made plans for tomorrow, threw pop corn in the fire and tried different ways to make them pop, like putting them in little aluminum foil handmade cans, and tubes.  We had medium success as the kernels popped here and there, but most just burned, and the ones that popped were not easy to recover, and most tasted burned.  We didn’t want to do any traditional way, so it was fun experimenting and the girls had a good time. 

The full moon was out and the sky was very clear, so we started watching stars and I got some interesting pictures with the low light setting from the iPhone, it’s like the moon was shining light in this one specific spot.

It was getting pretty cold and quick, so we went inside and got ready for bed.  Watched a bit of TV and we were done.  Pretty low key day, but nice family day.

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