Day 55 – 10/24 Moving to new spot, beach time, shopping and camp fire

Today was a relaxing low key day, we moved to a new site within the same campground, went for a ride and stopped at a beach, did some Halloween shopping, went for a walk at the beach and relaxed by the fire.

Well, it is Saturday and we all went to bed late last night, past midnight for sure, so I woke up around 8:30, and everyone else around 9-9:30.  We need to move to a new site on this campground, so that’s the plan for the morning. 

The new site is right in front of the beach entrance, and is much bigger, so there’s plenty of room to have our stuff out, camping mats, chairs, etc.  The fire pit is nicely located too, so it’s not crammed next to the trailer.  Since we are just moving a few hundred feet, I’m not really doing a full pack down, we are just putting things away from the slide out so we can pull it in, and I’ll just put all the hoses, blocks, choks, etc on the cargo carrier, and the chairs, tables, garbage cans, etc will just go on the back of the truck. 

I finished writing yesterday’s post, and posted a new blog post, then went outside and started getting things ready.  We were ready to move by 10:45, but the other person had not left our new site yet.  Carol and the girls took the bikes and left them in front of the new spot on their way to the beach, and I stayed to pull the trailer in the new spot.  I had pulled up to the side of the street in front of our spot, so the spot would be empty by 11, and I could see the new one while I waited for the person to leave.  They left around 11:15, so as soon as I saw them moving, I started moving too, I don’t think the spot was empty for an entire minute :).

I had scoped the spot a few times through the week, so I knew exactly where I wanted to park the trailer, so I went right in and got it where I wanted right away.  I had to level the trailer sideways as it was a little off, but then we were set.  When I was almost done with leveling and lowering the support system Carol and the girls arrived.  The girls were playing, and Carol started putting things back together with me.  She got all the stuff from the truck and setup her camping mat, tables and chairs, it looks nice.  Once we were all setup, we had lunch, cleaned up and decided to get out.

The plan was to find a spot for us to see some crabbing, we didn’t want to do it ourselves, but just see the action so the girls could see it.  I found a map of some locations, and put it in the GPS, and we were off.  The area is by the dunes where we had the rides a few days ago, so I kind of knew where it was. 

We followed the GPS and went through the dunes parks, and arrived at the beach where we ended up with the UTV.  I did not see the road the GPS was showing and we did not find it at all as the access was for Off road vehicles only.  There were a few emergency vehicles there, rescue team vehicles, etc and it looked like someone had rolled over on their UTV and they were taking the person out of the UTV. 

We decided to walk to the beach and walk around there a little.  That beach is so beautiful, super long sand area, sun setting kind of on its side, it’s huge too, you look to both ends and never see the end of the beach from where we were. 

We walked around for a while, girls were looking for shells, jelly fish, etc.  

From there we tried to find another road that would take us to the spot I had selected, so we drove around a bit, but didn’t find it.  We did find a few more off roading entrances, and in one of those I tried to turn around and the truck got stuck.  The rear axle just dug a hole in the sand, so I had to switch to 4×4 Low, and then it got out super easy.  The girls were a little “concerned” that we got stuck, so I had to tell them about rear wheel drive, front wheel drive, 4×4 and how it all plays out in the sand or mud, then they got it.  We gave up on trying to find crabbing for today, so from there we drove back to town to do some shopping, get groceries and get Halloween stuff.

We were able to find stuff for Carol and I, so Carol will match Bella for Halloween, and I’ll match Bia. hahahaha.. it’s going to be funny.  The girls are very excited for Halloween now, so that’s great.  That’s one thing I am mindful of, to make sure they have a good time on holidays, and that we make them special, so the fact we are away from our friends and family won’t be the main thing they remember.  On that note, I’m looking forward to having Alex and Alexis with us one of these days, they need to pick the dates! 🙂

After our shopping “spree” we drove back, Carol stopped at the front desk to get the most expensive firewood ever ($20 for a wheel barrel), and she pushed the wheel barrel to the site, then took it back.  I unloaded the truck, and when she got back we all went to the beach for a walk. 

It’s always nice to be there at sunset, it’s so beautiful.  It was quite cold and windy, but the girls were having a blast, had their feet in the water and were running in and out, jumping waves, running away from the waves, etc.  Bella even took off her sweatshirt at one point as she was feeling hot from all the running.  We all had long sleeves, Carol had her shoes on, I had flip flops and the girls were barefoot.  It was cold! 

As the sun set, the less sun light we had the colder it was getting, and it was going fast, so I decided to go back, and everyone came along.

Once we were back, I started the fire, helped Bella clean her feet and then get in the shower.  I’m really glad we have that second door right in the bathroom, we’ve used it quite a few times when coming back from the beach, so the girls can get right in the shower without walking through the whole camper.  Bia wanted to shower in the campground shower, so she got her stuff and went.  She likes it there because they are individual showers, and it’s a regular shower, no worries about needing to go fast or what not.  

Carol had our dinner going in the InstantPot outside, so we were all hanging out outside by the fire.  The fire was nice and was keeping us warm, and the smell from the InstantPot was great.  We ate dinner outside, then roasted giant marshmallows. 

We hung out there for some time, the girls were playing, putting things in the fire, dancing… we were laughing, it was fun.  We need to find cheaper firewood now, hahahahah.  Eventually the girls were tired and cold, so they went inside and Carol helped them get to bed.  I stayed out a little longer, made sure the fire was mostly out and then went inside and called it a day.

Another low key but fun day.

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