Day 29 – 9/28 Tough day of virtual school + new Binoculars

What a day!  The return of the school day after a weekend has been tough, and this one was the toughest one so far.  Incredibly frustrating day that tested our patience all day (well, until 5pm when they were finally done with school work).

It was a beautiful day outside, I went for a run around 10am, and it was awesome to have the views of the mountains, clear blue sky, just warm enough and with a nice breeze.  

Carol took the day to catch up on laundry, and worked on that all day.  She also made lunch and dinner, all at the same time.  She was super busy and non stop.  Oh, and she did the dishes from both meals as well.  I’m really glad she took care of those things while I worked with the girls.

At one of the breaks the girls took, Carol had them fold some of their laundry.

Bella just didn’t have a good morning.  She didn’t want to do anything, was distracted, frustrated.  She started right on the first live meeting, just complaining she was not understanding what the teacher was talking about, didn’t know where they were, etc.  Eventually, I just pulled her out of the live class, and went over the work she needed to do offline.  There is paperwork everywhere, and it is not easy to follow, so I don’t blame her for not finding things quickly enough to follow the class.  I got her work lined up, but the mood was set for the day and Bella just dragged every piece of work that needed to be done, so it took basically all day.  And, each time one of the girls had a little better moment, the other one was causing issues.

Bia started well as usual now, she just gets up, and gets logged in and gets going, but it didn’t take much for tantrums to start.  On top of that, she had a bloody nose too. She had a lot of work, and each time Bella did something, there was complaining, and she’d stop her work, and just drag starting again.  She eventually got most of her work done, but forgot to check one site that had some tests to finish, and she did one at the end of the day and I okayed her to leave another for tomorrow.

In the middle of all of this, I was trying to get some work done.  I had some posts to catch up, some consulting work to do, a call, and we were all trying to do things at the same time.  It was a bit chaotic. At least they had fun at the breaks they took.

At one of Bella’s breaks, she wanted Carol to teach her something so I told them to go to the truck so they would not disrupt Bia. Bia got done quick, and joined them in the car. They are crocheting.

Things settled down around 5pm, which meant the day was shot and we didn’t go anywhere to explore, but that’s ok.  We decided to eat dinner and go to a store to look at binoculars, so we can spot wildlife easier from far.  I gotta say, I was pretty tired by then already.  We had dinner and went to a Sportsman store in town.  We didn’t know anything about binoculars, so it was interesting to start.  I googled the most important things to look for quick, and the sales guy was super helpful as well.  There were some binoculars that were $3,000, and some that were $30.  We ended up getting a good entry level 10×48 Leupold brand for around $180.  We learned the first number is the amount of times it magnifies the naked eye, and the second is the size of the outer lenses, which helps with light coming in, and makes it easier to see whatever you’re looking at.  Testing it at the store was pretty cool, and we’re eager to try it outside for real.  I could read the eye sight chart that was across the store very clearly, so I’m hoping we’ll have some fun and will be able to see some cool things with it.

And that was our day, we got back, finished cleaning up and went to bed.  What a day.  I’m going to try different ways to start their mornings to see if we find something that works best.

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