Day 26 – 9/25 Virtual School, Park and Netflix

I think today was the first time in a while that my alarm woke me up (at 6:30am), as I usually wake up before the alarm.  Bia also woke up with her own alarm, second day in a row now, and she’s been waking up at 6:45 to start her classes at 7.  Both today and yesterday she woke up super quick, in a good mood, and was ready in front of the computer by 7:55.  I guess the alarm is much better than me waking her up. 

Bella tried the alarm yesterday, but didn’t wake up to it.  It was a soft ring and just rang until it stopped, which I think is 20 minutes.  She’s trying it again today, so we’ll see if Bella starts waking up early too.  Well, Bella didn’t wake up on her own, so I helped her, and she was up by 7:30, which is when her class started, so we got her in a 7:35.  Not so sure if was a good idea, she felt she was lost and could not keep up with what was going on, didn’t feel like asking questions and just started out frustrated…  yikes.  I hope we can turn this around quick otherwise we’ll have a very difficult morning with this one.  Eventually she listened to me as I was telling her not to worry, and that she should just listen to the class live and after it, I’d sit with her and help her catch up and get work done. 

That ended up being the plan for the day, just help the kids get their school work all caught up, including art and music, do whatever else we needed here, go to town get some groceries and watch a movie, so we could go to bed early as we have a long day planned tomorrow. 

Bia had her usual day, got things done, she has a good cadence now.  There was one assignment she had handed in and gotten a 3/8 grade that the teacher allowed her to retake, she didn’t want to, but I told her she had to and she was not too happy.  Eventually, I sat with her and helped her and she got it done too. 

Bella needed a bit more hand holding in the morning, and she also had Social Studies from yesterday, so I spent most of the morning helping her.  I didn’t have any consulting work, so as much as I could, I took care of a few things online, added some data to one of our T-Mobile plans so we can use that as our AT&T plan is getting close to the max, etc. 

Carol started lunch outside, then I helped grilling the chicken and steak, and we took a break and ate outside.  The girls were being funny.

Bia wanted to decided between chicken or steak.

Bella decided on both :). Oh, and today we gave the girls more breaks, which I think helped a lot too, much less stress, and they got more side projects done. 

Bella was collecting garbage outside while we got lunch ready, she was saving the earth, and had a bag to grab stuff and another where she put the garbage to later put it in the garbage can.  I love how she’s always doing things like this.  She filled a grocery bag with plastic and other things she found around the campground, and around the little creek that runs behind our camp site. 

After lunch, I was finishing a post while Carol washed the dishes, so I told the girls whoever was the last one to finish their school work would dry and put the dishes away, and they got to their work fast. Hahahahaha… I ended up helping them both finish, but Bella turned on her turbo and did a bunch of work on her own quite fast.  She actually finished her work before Bia, as Bia was still messing around with the work she had to re-do.  Bia finished like a minute after Bella, so I told them that since I helped them both so much they would have to share the task, one would dry and the other would put away the dishes.  Bia ended up drying and Bella putting away, and they got done in like a minute. 

Carol was getting ready to go to town, and I went outside to torque the lug nuts on the trailer, so I don’t have to do it on Sunday, and also checked and topped off all the tires for pressure. 

The girls were doing some “art”, making dragons out of paper plates and cans.  We left to town around 3pm or so.  The plan was that Carol would go to the store while I stayed at the park with the girls, so we parked by the store and the girls and I walked to the park.  On the way, we stopped at a gas station, I got some beer and they got a juice. 

We stayed at the park for about 2 hours.  They were having a lot of fun, pretending something with their dragons, creating imaginary worlds under the slides and other areas, etc.  It was very cool to watch.  I was enjoying watching them, enjoying a very good Double IPA, and then I called my parents and talked to them, and after them I called my aunt Clacyr, it was nice to catch up with her, it had been too long.  I talked to her while we drove back and got back as well, so I showed her the RV (trailer) and the truck. 

Oh, and the last 30 minutes at the park were kind of cold, wind was blowing at 15mph plus some gusts that were stronger, so blowing drinks off the table, etc. 

Anyway, after we were back at the RV, girls showered while we got dinner ready, then we ate, cleaned up, and setup to watch a movie. 

We closed all the curtains, turned the lights off, opened the couch to a bed and the girls laid there, and setup the dinette to a bed and Carol and I were there.  It was nice, actually felt like a movie night, very comfy, very homey. 

Our T-Mobile plan has a feature called BingeOn, which allows us to stream some services like Netflix, without it counting towards our data limits, so we watched a movie on Netflix by connecting the Roku enabled TV to the extra phone we have for a hotspot.  It worked really well.  We had ice cream too while watching the movie.  I kind of fell asleep, as usual, and didn’t watch most of it. hahahahaha… so I don’t even remember the name of the movie, just that there were animals, and it was a cartoon. hahahahaha… After the movie we just got things back in place, got ready for bed and that was it, another nice day.

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