Day 240 – 4/28/21 Moving Day – back to Orlando

Today was moving day, and we moved back to Orlando where we stay two more weeks before heading north and west on our way home.

We wanted to get to Orlando’s Campground by noon, which is when they allow check ins, so we could pick a good spot.  This meant we needed to leave by ten as it is a 93 mile ride there.  I was up and got my writing done, a few emails and right before 8 was all done with what I needed to do.  Carol was just getting out of bed, so we started packing for our move.  I had to put away everything that stayed outside after I rinsed it all, so I worked on that first.  Carol worked on getting the slideout in first, and before the girls started school it was already in.  Bia woke up and got going, and so did Bella.  As I was about to hitch I remembered I had not filled up the truck, so I left quick to go to the gas station that is about two blocks from the campground, and when I got back I backed in to the spot right away.  I was able to finish setting up and hitching up, and we were out of our spot exactly at 10am.

Our ride was pretty easy and smooth, all highway, pretty much all the way to the campground.  We didn’t have to make any stops either, and pulled in to the campground exactly at noon.  This campground is very strict with their check in time, and we heard if you arrive even only a couple of minutes before noon they will turn you around and make you leave the area and come back.  We were the third people in line, and the process was super quick as they were not very busy.  We wanted to stay in the same section we were last time, which is a new section with nice new and big concrete pads, all new connections, etc.  We drove there right away, and it looked like we’d have plenty of spots to chose from.  Carol decided she wanted to be a bit closer to the pool, so I picked the first street closest to the pool.  As we pulled up to a spot, there were a few people outside, and one guy told Carol that if we wanted the sun by our door in the morning, to park on his side, or if we wanted the sun by our door in the afternoon we should park on the other side of the street.  That was a great tip, as we hang out outside so we want the sun away from the door in the afternoon, so when we are out we can enjoy.  We chose a spot next to him and I puled forward to start backing in.  Just as I did that, another guy came from a few sites up asking if we needed help backing in.  Carol declined as I continued backing in, and we backed in perfect in the first try, gaining a two thumbs up from that guy.  As we got parked, we started setting up, and as soon as we had enough setup, Carol went inside and started working there and working on lunch.  It didn’t take too long to have most of our setup done, I even had Carol run a faucet using the fresh water tank water until it was empty, so we know it is empty now.  I cranked up the support beams and we are solid, the trailer is not moving at all.

After I was done setting up, I just sat outside under the shade of the awning.  There was a very nice breeze and it was really nice.  I hung out outside most of the rest of the afternoon.  Carol took Bia to get a new dress for her birthday event of tomorrow, and Bella stayed with me.  I was out of beer, so I took Bella to the campground office to get some beer, and let her chose something there.  She got peanut M&Ms, and I got a six pack.  We hung out outside until Carol and Bia came back.  Bia was so happy with her new dress, which came with a locket too.  I was happy with their return as they brought me some beer too. hahahahah.

After they were back, we finished packing, we ate some leftovers for dinner, and then left to Calina’s.  We were going to sleep over there, so we all got ready and left around 7:30pm.  Once we got there, we unloaded and the kids were playing right away.  Ricardo arrived soon after from his podcast, and we all hung out from there.  At some point, Ricardo and I went to their office and I got Bella’s phone, which was disabled due to her forgetting the password, and we tried to restore it.    I could not remember the iCloud password for her account either, so I worked on that while Ricardo had the phone connected to his computer and running the software restore and update.  Fortunately, I did remember the password and we were able to reset the phone to the factory settings.  The good news for Bella is that her phone is back.  The bad news is that we have to configure everything again, including adding all the contacts again.  She was pretty happy to see her phone back.  I was kind of tired, so not much after that I went to bed.  Ricardo was setting up his new MacMini, which is pretty cool, it looks like a big AppleTV.  The girls were still playing around, so we had to push them to go to bed otherwise tomorrow will be a tough day for them at the Park, we are going to Universal.

We had a nice moving day, and relaxing at the campground, then hanging out at our friends.

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