Day 224 – 4/11/21 Moving day: Clermont to Key Largo.

We had a good moving day today as we moved from Clermont to Key Largo.

I wanted to leave early today as we had a 5 plus hour drive, not including all the stops and any potential traffic, and I didn’t want to arrive too late.  My plan was to leave between 9 and 10am, and because we had a lot to put away, I had my alarm set for 7am.  I had to empty the truck from yesterday’s trip, which we had all the bikes with us, and then put all the usual trunk bed stuff back in there.  As soon as I woke up, I made my coffee, put it in a to go cup and started working on the truck bed stuff.  We had a bit of rain overnight, or a lot of rain actually, and I’m glad when I was packing we had a good break.  Rain was expected to arrive back around 10-11, so that was another clock ticking.  After I got the stuff back in the truck Carol wanted to go to a grocery store to get some stuff, so I made sure we got the slide out back in before she left so I could continue getting ready, and to make sure it was in before any potential rain.  I did dry it up before she pulled it in since I had the ladder out anyway.  After Carol left, I continued with the usual packing.  Put the bikes away, removed hoses, put all the support jacks away, etc.  After Carol came back, I put the hitch back in the truck, hitched up and we were ready to go.  She had a few things to finish and Bia had just woke up.  Bia also got a little sick and had a little fever last night, and a bit this morning too.  It had been almost 7 months that they didn’t get sick at all, so I hope her and Bella come out of this soon.  We rolled out of our spot around 10:15 and stopped by the garbage to drop ours before heading out.

Our drive was pretty good, it was on the long side and we hit a bit of slower traffic a few times, but nothing bad.  We ended up arriving at the campground by 5pm.  We pretty much drove through major highways and the scenery really only changed as we got close to Key Largo as we drove into the island feel. 

I checked in and we got spot 4, which is pretty close to the pool, close to the “beach” and right in front of the laundry room.  The spot is nice and big, it’s a pull through, with lots of trees, a nice concrete pad, bench, etc.  It was a bit tight to turn in and not leave a wheel on the concrete pad, so I had to go back and forth a few times.  I love our spot, it feels so island tropical.  We have enough light and sun, there’s shade, trees, it’s great.

After we got setup, Carol, Bella and I went for a quick walk and checked out their North Beach, the pool, then South Beach.  The pool is nice, quite big, and the water was refreshing yet not cold.  The beaches are basically some very fine white sand that give access to the ocean water, which is clear.  The ocean water is awesome and you can see through easily.  We saw Jellyfish, fish, all the plants, etc.  I put my feet in the water and it was nice, just refreshing as well, and not cold at all.  I can’t wait to get out and explore. 

I’ll have to go ask around if it’s ok to just get out on the paddle board.  Not sure if it’s dangerous due to any nature, or boats or what not.  Bella left us after the pool and went back to the trailer with Bia.  As Carol and I were checking out the South Beach, which is the closest one to our trailer, we could see a pretty big storm brewing behind the trailer.  Wow, that looked intense. 

We hurried back and retracted the awning right away.  After that, Carol started making dinner and I showered, then had the girls shower.  We had dinner and talked to my sister.  It was so awesome to see Noah, he is so cute.  And my sister is so happy, I’m glad we called and got to talk to them and see them.  After dinner, we put a movie on, and after the movie it was bedtime for everyone.

We had a nice moving day, and are anxious to explore Key Largo.

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