Day 22 – 9/21 Hebgen Lake, Ramsett Beach

It’s a cold morning today, it’s 31F now at 5am, and it will drop to 30 at 6, and then 29 at 7 until the sun comes out, then it’ll be sunny all day.  I have a space heater going now, to save some propane, and a drip of water coming down the bathroom sink… oh and my coffee going :).  We move to another campground today, it’s still a KOA but about 2 miles down the road.  Girls have a school day, so our morning is all accounted for already.  My neck is still pretty sore, it’s better than yesterday and I was able to sleep better, but it’s still sore, hoping it will go away in another few days.

Girls were both up at 7 and got on their computers and got school going.  Bella was able to join her class as well, and it looked like they’d get their stuff done early enough, but… that lasted very little.  The internet connections we had were all dropping, Bia’s call, all of them, and she got frustrated.  Bella had her live meet, but she rarely gets stuff done while she’s on those.  So, the reality was that around 9, Carol and I started getting things ready to move to the other site, and little by little the girls stopped doing school work, to restart when we got settled in the new campground. 

Monday’s are tough days for them, it’s like there’s more work and they are still on weekend mode, so it’s harder to get going.  We stopped making ambitious plans for Mondays so we don’t get frustrated.  We were able to leave the campground by 11, and check in at the current one by 11:15, and fortunately our site was open, so we went right to it and started getting setup. 

While I finished setting up, Carol went to town to get groceries to make lunch.  I got everything inside setup and the girls were playing outside.  There’s a little creek that runs behind our spot, so they were making paper boats and letting them float down the creek.  Most of the time the boats got wet quickly and sunk, so they decided to move up to making boats out of plastic straws. 

I was able to get all the computers connected to the campground wifi, which is actually pretty good, and I’m happy our T-mobile connection is good as well, so we’ll have easy times with connectivity here.  I got the girls restarted on school work, and Bella had Spanish class live right away.  She wanted to do it from outside, as her and Bia were making the straw boats on the camping table, so I got her computer and book to her and she started her class there.  Eventually she moved around, and found a little bridge over the creek to continuer her call.  That was the ultimate virtual school spot hahahaha… but, she didn’t stay there too long, and went back to the table as she needed to follow the class along and use the book.  She did the entire meeting from outside on the campground internet.

Bia was then inside, continuing her work, but connected to my spare T-mobile phone, and Carol was finishing lunch.  Carol made rice, beans and meat for lunch, oh I missed that, it was so good.  We finished eating, I worked on some consulting things I had pending, the girls continued working on school and Carol cleaned up inside.  I was helping Bella with school earlier, then switched to Bia and Carol was then helping Bella.  Bia got her work done around 3pm, so we went for a walk around the campground. 

We kind of followed the creek, and within a minute of walking the creek gets bigger and bigger, and there’s a little bridge to cross, so we did, and it took us to an area where the National Forrest starts, so we know wildlife is not far from us.  We didn’t go in too much.  We returned and continued following the creek. 

There are some very nice camping sites right by the water, with awesome views of the creek, the forrest and mountains.  I just don’t know if I could be camping when it gets this cold overnight.  In the low 30s every day while tent camping?  Some people love it.  We eventually found a few little ponds and by then Bella met us there as she had finished her work. 

We walked around a bit more and decided to go to a lake beach I had found on the GPS, which is less than 6 miles away from us.  I put all our chairs in the truck, got some beer at the office and we went.  It’s super close, but the road is not marked and is gravel for more than half of it.  As we get closer, you can’t tell it’s a public area as there are some homes there with no sign for the place we were going.  The road got bad, very big holes, deep and all over, likely very hard to go through with a low vehicle, but no problem for trucks. 

When we got there… it was another amazing spot.  This lake, with mountains surrounding it, and a forrest.  It was calm and empty.  There was one tent by one of the three camping spots there, but no-one there, so we had the place all to ourselves.  I got the chairs, the cooler, and we enjoyed that beautiful place for a while.  The girls were playing in the sand and water, and Carol and I just having a beer and enjoying the sun. 

Bia and I took a quick walk to see what we could see or find, but she was barefoot and the stones were hurting her feet, so we didn’t go too far. 

Bella had her straw boat she made earlier.  Her boat was great, it even had a sail.  She put it in the water and watched it sail around as the breeze took it.  She was having fun… so much fun she was babbling random non sense for like 30 minutes non stop, it was hilarious! 

Carol and the girls needed to use the bathroom, but we were in a very “remote” place and there was no infrastructure, so they had to go in the woods.  Bella had done it before, didn’t like it, but had, so she did again and had to do number 1 and 2 hahahahah.  Bia was very reluctant to go number 1, but when they all had to go, she did.  It sure sucks, but when you have to go, you go. 

As the sun was setting, and we were enjoying the view of the sun setting behind the mountains, and still shining through the lake, we started taking some pictures of it, and it became a picture session.  I took pictures, then Carol, then Bella and Bia wanted to take some. 

Bella is pretty goof actually and took some really good ones.  We were playing with the sun, and framing it so it looked like a fireball in our hands, etc.  We took lots of pictures. 

After the sun was down, we packed up and went back.  It was a relaxing end of afternoon, very fun, and at an awesome spot.  The place is called Hebgen Lake, and we were at Ramsett Beach. 

Carol made beans soup for dinner, and it was great, but oh boy it setup fireworks with everyone for the night. hahahahaha… after dinner we all got ready and I got a fire going outside so we sat there, roasted marshmallows and watched the stars.  I think this spot is the best spot to see stars I’ve ever seen, the sky was packed with stars, it was amazing. 

I have never seen so many stars.  I took a picture but it doesn’t turn out great and doesn’t do it justice.  But we all sat there watching stars for a while, it was great, but also very cold, so it didn’t take too long before we decided to get back in.  We are excited to head to Glacier as there’s a chance to see the Northern Lights there.  And that was our day.  I put the fire out, we got ready for bed and called it a night.  Great day.

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