Day 20 – 9/19 Moved sites, Pool, TV and Relax

It’s moving day today!  I mean, we have to move from this site to a different one in this same campground.  When I made reservations everyone around was booked, so the only way to get something near Yellowstone for our size of RV was to piece it together.  So we move today, and in 2 more days go to a KOA about 2 miles from here and stay on the same site for 6 days.  I’m planning on going to the front desk in the morning and seeing if we really need to move, but the campground is quite full so I doubt I’ll have much room.  We are hoping to just relax this morning, move the RV to the new spot, have lunch and go explore again.  It is supposed to rain, so there’s a chance plans will change. 

Well, it’s 8:25 and it’s drizzling now, it’s going to make moving the RV interesting.  The drizzle continued but it was ok to move.  I got everything outside disconnected and just placed on the rack in the back with the bikes, or in the bed of the truck.  Carol got the main things that would fall out of the way inside, and cleared the area to close the slide out.  We got the trailer hitched somewhat quick.  I had gone to the front desk and they had people going to the spot we were in, so we had to move, but they did have the new site ready, so we could move right away. 

So, right after we hitched up, we drove about 3 rows down to the new site, which was also pull through, but much larger so we got it in the spot right away.  We put it all together and were all set again before it was even 11am.  The drizzle continued, so we stayed in the trailer.  The girls were playing on their electronics.  Carol was talking to her family and I was catching up on posts, bills and such.

We decided we’d just stay in, no exploring today.  My neck was really hurting today, really high on my right side, and giving me a headache with it.  I think it’s because the pillow I’ve been using here is bigger, or higher, than the one I’m used to.  I had been feeling a little pain there, and little headache here and there, but could not figure out why until today, the pain was sharp enough that I could tell where it was and why I was having it.  I had this before when I laid in bed with the pillow folded against the wall to prop my head so I could watch TV, and had done this a few days in a row, I started getting the same headache that would also have some soreness on my neck.  I replaced the pillow already, and hope it’ll start getting better soon, this is a real pain in the neck! 

After lunch we let the girls talk to their friends, so Bia called Cora and Bella called Lulu.  I went for a walk around the campground, and Bia came along, and we checked out the pool.  It’s an indoor pool, quite big, and it’s heated to 88F, so it was nice and warm.  Bia wanted to go, so we went back and got Bella and spent a few hours at the pool.  I just watched them and was doing stuff on my phone.  Carol stayed in the RV and took a nap. 

The sun came out at the end of the afternoon, around 4 or so, skies cleared a bit, but the forecast was that it’d start raining again soon, and temps would drop to high 30s, which is exactly what happened. 

After pool, we went back and all showered.  I got things ready in case temps would drop below 30, but the updated forecast was that it would not.  I just filled up the fresh water tank, and was going to disconnect the water hose from the campground, but didn’t have to. 

The girls were playing Trolls Monopoly, Carol made dinner, and I worked on getting ahead of some posts.  We had a nice dinner together, always great when we just talk, have fun, enjoy each others company, I really enjoy these moments.  It was a fun dinner. 

Then we decided to watch some Youtube videos about the Little Bighorn Battles, and Yellowstone.  It was nice to learn more about the battle, and the history of the area.  It was also cool to learn that Yellowstone is sitting on top of a super volcano, even though it does not look like a volcano, it is the only active super volcano in the world!  We talked about our plans for tomorrow, Grand Tetons!  I set the furnace to 66F, we all got ready, and went good night.

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