Day 198 – 3/16/21 Catch up day, Pensacola.

We had a nice relaxing day just staying by the campground and doing some catch up and little things.

It was a rainy morning today. We had a normal morning for the girls, and both got their school work done with no issues.  Bella was done early, Bia had some math to finish, which took her a bit longer but she did it all and well, and was done around 2pm.

I had work calls, then did some work and posts.  I wrote a bit and I am caught up.  I also worked on getting a post published.  This all took pretty much the whole morning, and a bit of the early afternoon.

Carol washed and groomed Maggie, made lunch, did her nails, then Bia’s nails, and then we just hung out outside.  She was making notes and planning some Youtube stuff too.

After lunch, we just hung out outside.  The weather was kind of crappy, it would rain, then stop, then rain again.  Later in the afternoon, the rain stopped and the sun came out for a while.  The girls did beads, we did some fishing, my line broke as it got stuck on something.  I put another hook and we tried more, but no bites.  Later I just left the fishing pole with a hook and bait in the water, and the handle kind of jammed in the back of the trailer, so if it catches anything it’ll be there still.  We’ll see what I get tomorrow.

Bia wanted to go fishing, so we went by the pier for some time.

I also worked on finishing the Leprechaun trap with Bella, and it is ready to be out tonight.  She loves doing these things.

Since we were just doing stuff around, I decided to get the pump in the truck and pumped the trailer tires.  Bia and I covered a gap under the trailer with some tape, which I had done before but I hit that spot with a 2×4 and took out the tape.  Bia did the work, she cleaned the area and applied the tape.  Carol recorded me doing the tires, maybe we’ll add to a video at some point.  Those little mosquitoes were out, they are called “No See Ums”, because they are so small you can’t see them, darn, we were getting bit left and right.  We put some repellent, but I’m not sure this repellant works too great.  I played hide and seek with Bella, it was fun.  She hid in some fun spots, in the truck, behind the trailer by the bikes, under the trailer hahahaha… she’s tiny and can fit in the most interesting spots.

That was basically it for the day, we just hung out outside, played around, chatted, laughed and just enjoyed being there together.  It’s nice to do these sometimes.  We discussed and agreed that we will leave early tomorrow as we have a long drive, and I want to get to the campground before dark, before 5 preferably.  As it got late, we just followed our night time routine again, showers, dinner, some TV and bed.

It was a nice day just hanging out.

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