Day 196 – 3/14/21 Travel day: Pensacola, Florida.

Today is moving day and we move to Pensacola, FL.  It is a beautiful sunny morning here and it looks like we’ll have good weather all day.  It’ll be a bit windy on the way with 10mph winds all the way.  Oh, and we are now in Daylight Savings Time, so our clocks went ahead one hour overnight.  On top of that, on Wednesday we move to the east side of Florida and will then move ahead another hour as they are on eastern time.  Pensacola is on the West side.

I wanted to leave by 10am, just in case we hit some traffic or what not, and we were able to do that.  After I got up I wrote a little, but did not finish writing, just wrote down some main points and will need to finish tomorrow.  I published the post that was queued up though.  I could see people going in and out of the laundry room, which also is the access to the swimming pool, so right by 8am I went there to get the laundry that was “locked up” there yesterday. Hahahah… in doing so, I woke Carol up, and when I was back, which was just after 8, I started working on packing.  Carol was up as well and started working on inside.  The girls woke up soon after, and we told them there would be no electronics until we were out of our spot, so they needed to focus on eating, changing, and helping so we can leave timely, which they did so. We were all packed, connected and rolling out pretty quick, and right at 10am.

We had a pretty easy ride, and even the 10mph winds were not bugging us much.  In Louisiana we did more riding on roads over swamps, again, miles and miles of it.  We rode pretty much all the way on highway 10 East.  It didn’t take long to cross into Mississippi, then we took a potty break quick, and in another hour or so we were in Alabama.  We stopped for lunch in Alabama, they had a nice and big rest stop there.  Carol heated up sfihas she had made the day before, yum!  From there, we only had another 90 minutes to get to our campground in Pensacola, which is about 30 minutes after the Florida border.  As we were passing the Welcome to Florida sign, I called the girls to see it, and they were super excited.  Bella was doing mini screams of excitement that we are so close to Vi’s house. They can’t wait.

Then we arrived at the campground, drove to the office, checked in, drove back out to the road to access the other side of the campground which is where our site is.  There was a guy there to escort us to our spot, which backs in to the water.  It’s a nice area, nice looking grounds, and very nice spot.  The site is gravel and pretty level, and all the connections are right there.  The guy helped a bit with parking, though Carol got this now and was there too.  I had the bars connected, so I didnt want to turn too tight, so I backed in enough then went forward and backed in more and the trailer was in the perfect spot.  Then the guy gave us the final instructions and left, and we started setting up.  No surprises on the setup here, it’s gravel with grass for the most part, with some sand in the back.  The back of the trailer is right by the water, so walking behind it is not flat, so I had to be a bit more careful.  The girls were out of the truck, and chit chatting, they walked around a bit, but wanted to do perler beads stuff.  Once Carol and I finished setting up, we sat outside and enjoyed some sun, as it was setting behind the trailer.  Carol was working on potential reservations and plans for one of our days in Florida, and she was talking to Heather about kayak options, etc.  We are for sure visiting some springs during this trip, and when we are with them, but the kayak option we had looked at was too expensive, so we’ll go but see if we find cheaper options to explore the spring.  Looking at the pictures from the place, it reminded us of Xel-Ha in Cancun.

I got the fishing stuff out as well, since we can fish right here.  We are supposed to fish by the bridge, since we don’t have a fishing license, but I tried a bit just behind the trailer.  I tried with the big artificial bait that was already setup, but that’s too big.  Then I got a smaller one with trout bait (it’s a putty), and we all went to the bridge.  We were not getting anything, no bites either.  Then Bia spotted a crab climbing the bridge post under water, so I put the hook near it, and it went for it.  The first time it actually attacked the bobble I had put in there, which is a red and white ball.  The crab jumped towards the ball and got it. hahahahaha… he dropped as I pulled it up.  We played with that crab for a while, and it’d try to take the putty, it was entertaining.  We didn’t bring it up though.  No fish were biting though, I think they are too small here, but we did see a few fish jumping so there are bigger ones here.  I’ll need to put a different hook and get some live bait maybe.  More for another day.  As the sun was setting, I was getting some mosquito bites.  I didn’t see mosquitoes, but saw these tiny black bugs, they looked like dots on your skin, and I’d feel a little itch, and that was it.  But I was getting more and more, so it was time to go in.

We went inside and Carol had dinner ready, she was making it in the air fryer and tending to it while also being with us at the bridge. hahahaha… we are pretty close, so it’s just a few steps… But, one of the times she was with us, a lady came by and asked if we were in the grey wolf, because the smoke alarm was beeping.  hahahah… yep, Carol was grilling sausages in there and it was smoking which triggered the smoke alarm.

Anyway, we had dinner and started getting ready for bed.  I had to put more credit in the T-Mobile card we got with 100GB of fast internet, and it had expired.  So now we know it will expire by time, so we might as well use as much of the 100GB as we can.  After dinner, Carol washed the dishes and I asked Bella to dry them because she had not helped with that in a while, which she did without complaining.  So, Carol washed, Bella dried, and I put away.  With both girls ready for bed, we watched some TV, and then around 8:30 put them to bed.  This will be a bit off for them due to the change in time, but we need to keep them on the schedule.

We had a nice moving day today, and a very relaxing rest of the day in our campground in Pensacola.

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