Day 175 – 2/21/21 Travel day: Carlsbad, NM to Terlingua, TX.

Today is moving day.  We move from Carlsbad, NM to Terlingua, TX; and will be back on Central time zone.

We had our regular Sunday moving day routine, and got everything packed and ready to go, and were out of the campground by 11am.  We had a long drive to Terlingua, and I chose a path that was a bit further to avoid an area that the forecast had winds over 25mph.  Our path was ok with wind and it was flat enough, at least the grades were not short and steep when we hit any.  The drive out of Carlsbad was easy, and then as we got close to Terlingua it was super cool with lots of mountains in the background. 

As we approached the campground, it looked nice, with lots of mounts and some areas looked like dirt mining piles.  I was getting anxious about arriving as it was later in the day than we usually arrive.  We usually arrive around 3pm, and we were pulling in around 6 this time, fortunately it was still pretty bright out and would be for another 45 mins or so. 

When we pulled in to the campground, well, we were a bit surprised.  It was basically a circle, behind some mounts, and the middle of the circle was flooded.  The “sand” or soil there is the type that clumps up, like cat litter, so walking on it was a mess.  There was no office to check in, no instructions, nothing.  Then a guy just asked me if I had reservations, I said I did, and he told me to just pick a spot and setup.  I asked if he worked there, and he said he didn’t, and he was just told there’s no management on duty and that it’s a first come basis place, so you setup wherever. 

Then, as I approached the few open spots, another guy came and told me the only spot left open was number 8, the other few spots are not in use.  He said he was on 8 before and it looked much better today, as a few days ago it was all under water.  Oh crap!  I went back to the truck and gave Carol the news, while I got our hiking boots out so we could walk on that crap.  Carol was not happy, but I told her there was nothing we could do, and since we only use the campground for the hookups and we are gone most of the time, it was fine.  We agreed on a plan to turn the trailer around, then back in to spot 8. 

I’m glad at least that circle is big enough, and it didn’t take too much work to turn the trailer around.  Carol guided from afar and I backed in and we were in our spot in no time, and were fortunate the exact spot we put the wheels on was level already, so we didn’t have to add any blocks or anything.  As soon as we were parked and level, I gave the girls their hiking shoes and told them they could be out, but to not go inside with dirty shoes.  Bia asked me to take her in the trailer as she didn’t want to get dirty.  Bella on the other hand put her shoes on and said “where’s my bucket” hahahaha…  she just played in the mud while we setup, and she was loving every minute of it.  Carol was inside with Bia, setting up and working on dinner.

Since it didn’t look like this place had restrooms or laundry, Carol asked me to get our portable washer and drying rack, and she started doing laundry and Bia helped her there too. 

As I finished setup and was walking around to check things out, I saw a building between some trailers that looked new and went there.  That was their new restroom with showers and laundry room.  They had one washer and one dryer, but that was enough for a small place.  Carol then dried the laundry there.  I hosed Bella down a bit outside before she went in, and helped her get in without making a mess, she went right to the shower.  I finished things up outside, and took some pictures, I actually like the area, it is different and remote.  From there we just ate, finished showers and all went to bed.  It is nice and warm here, it was 64 at 9pm.

We had a nice moving day, and moved to an interesting campground. 🙂

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