Day 163 – 2/9/21 Relaxing by the pool

We had a nice day enjoying the campground, the pool, and the girls did some activities they had been wanting to do for a while.

I slept in Bia’s bunk last night (bottom bunk) as she was not feeling well when we went to bed.  I had a decent night of sleep, but woke up around 5:30 on my own.  Then, as I was getting things ready to wake Bia up, Bella woke up on her own.  She said she had a good night of sleep, but was ready to start her school day.  Wow! 

I woke Bia up next, normal time, and she was up right away.  She also said she had a good night of sleep and was feeling good and rested.  So, by 7am, both girls were going with school, had their breakfast in hand and were rocking it.

I got some writing done, paid some bills, helped the girls and went for a run.  I had a nice run again by the canal.  This time, the water looked a little dirtier, and in some spots it actually had a smell.  Then, I actually saw fish.  I overheard some folks talking and apparently they put fish there to control algae.  But, again, nice run, almost no people, no dogs, great weather and nice views with mountains in the back.

Carol did laundry today, it was bedding day.  She also worked on video stuff, some editing, and I think she created a new YouTube channel.  We think it may make sense to have a channel just for travel stuff, and keep the food and hand crafted stuff as is.  So, more to come on that. Maggie enjoys laundry day 🙂

Carol made chicken for lunch, she wanted to make wings and legs, but could only find regular sized legs and wings, so she did that anyway.  It turned out good, but the little ones are much better.

The girls got school work done and were playing outside.  They got some bubbles and were playing, one would blow and the other would catch bubbles with her tongue. Hahaha.. they played a lot and had a lot of fun.  Then they also played with water and buckets, not sure what they were doing.

After lunch, Carol went grocery shopping.  She heard there was a place nearby that had Sushi grade fish, and she wanted to get some to make for dinner.  While she was out, I took the girls to the pool.  One of the things the girls did when they were playing was snorkels out of straws. hahahaha… Bia started it and connected 3 straws, then put tape around the joints and was all happy she had a snorkel.  Then Bella also did one.  So, when we went to the pool they were excited to try them out.  And they actually worked.  Bella would go back and forth from one side of the pool to the other with her head underwater, and just breathing through the straw snorkel… hahaha.. it was funny.  I could tell a bit of water was going in, but she managed it well.  Bia’s may have been letting more water in, so she had a harder time going too long. 

The girls swam around for a while, and I was in the pool too.  It was just nice and relaxing.  Then, I went to the hot tub for 20 minutes before we left.  The girls joined me a bit, but it was warm, so they didn’t stay long.  It was very relaxing.  There was a bit of a breeze outside and the sun was behind some clouds for the most part, so it was decent.  We stayed at the pool for a good 2 hours. 

We got back before Carol, and the girls wanted to do some Perler beads.  So, I rearranged the table outside, they got the box with all the beads, and they crafted a few designs, key chains, etc with the beads.  They love doing those and are always super excited when they nail some cool shapes.  They are always very concentrated when working on those.  Those are very small beads, and they pick them with small tweezers, and place the beads on a square or circle, and each bead created the outline or the coloring.  When they are done, they iron the whole thing, the little plastic beads melt together, and the shape stays.  It’s cool, and they love it.

Carol got home and went inside to make Sushi for dinner.  She spent a good amount of time making Sushi. She had to make the proper rice, cut up all the veggies and fish, roll it together, then cut it into smaller pieces.  It turned out pretty and delicious.  It was a great “light” dinner.

As we got ready for dinner Bia showered, Bella showered after dinner. We all got ready for the night as we leave tomorrow and I wanted to make sure the girls have a good morning so they get done quick.  Since Carol had done laundry, the girls had to make their beds, so I helped, and this week Bia goes to the top bunk.  She didn’t complain this time, so that’s good.

I also put away some of the stuff that was out, like bikes and tables and grill, so I don’t have to do it tomorrow morning and we gain some time.  The girls got to watch TV for 30 minutes, and then went to bed.  I got a few things done online, and went to bed not too late either.

It was a nice relaxing day around the campground, we had great good and got to have some pool time.

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