Day 150 – 1/27/21 Travel day: Vegas to Boulder City

Today is moving day.  We leave Las Vegas for a short drive to Boulder City, NV.  That will be our chance to visit Hoover Dam.  I checked the weather and it looks like it is very windy there, with sustained winds of up to 17mph and stronger gusts.  We will take it easy as we approach the area.

We had a good morning as we were in no rush to leave early since our next campground is less than an hour away.  I worked on posts and got caught up, but still need to post, it’s been a while again since I posted last.  But, I’m glad I’m caught up with the writing at least.  I still feel like when I don’t write right away, I forget the nice details about what someone did or said.  I took my time getting things ready outside, and having the extra time was good as I got the pump out and got the tires all at 51psi again, so we are for sure all good again.  It was nice to take our time.  The girls were able to get their school work done inside, and when Bia was done with her last class we left.  The girls had a good morning, Bia as usual just got work done.  Bella is in a phase where she’s not putting a lot into it, keeps asking for help, skips work, so we have to stay on top of her, otherwise she’ll pretend her way through the work and half ass everything.  We need to have a family conversation about that and about the fact we are all a little too short with each other lately, meaning snippy.  

Carol took care of the inside of the trailer while I did outside.  And we were out by 11 as expected.  Our drive was just under an hour, so we decided to stop at a Camping world to get a few things.  The toilet seat that had broken, and the cover for the sewer connection that has one piece broken and will fall out soon.  It was an easy and quick turn out of the way and we were at Camping world.  From there, it was another quick 25 minutes or so, and we were in Boulder City. 

Very nice drives here, easy roads, and lots of mountains around.  Soon we could see Lake Mead, and entered the Federal land where our campground is, so we used our national park pass one more time.  This campground is super nice.  All sites have the awesome view of Lake Mead, with mountains surrounding it from all sides, and we are just over 3 miles away from Hoover Dam.  I checked in, no issues, and we were escorted to our site.  We got a corner site, with no neighbors, and the site is huge, lots of room on both sides.  There’s free wifi for one device, so I’ll setup the data offloading on the hotspot device and we will have all our devices using it from that one connection… score! :). The lady escorted us to the site, showed us where all the connections were and left.  Carol and I started our process, made sure the trailer was level and slightly tilted towards the slide out (later I felt we were a bit too tilted, but that’s ok).  Then Carol started working on lunch while I finished all the hookups.  The girls were playing around as well, but still had school work to finish.  When lunch was ready we all stopped to eat.  Then I got the internet setup and the girls continued their school work. 

After lunch, I went for a walk outside to check out the area, and Carol took a nap while the girls did school work.  While I was out, I talked to Ricardo to plan our time in FL, to make sure we can maximize it, especially the holidays, while not bothering them too much and still seeing all we wanted to see there.  I walked from our site all the way to the “beach”, which is Lake Mead’s water front.  The nearby beach is all rocky, but the water looks nice and clean, and there are no waves.  The views here are awesome.  I got a picture while I was walking that had the desert right on my feet, then the lake, then mountains and further back snow covering the mountain peaks.  Crazy contrast.

After I got back, I helped the girls with school and continued working on making reservations.  I spent another few hours working on reservations for our next few weeks.  The girls did as much works as they could, and Carol got dinner going.  Carol decided to try to make the grilled pizzas we usually make in the grill, but this time using her new Ninja pan.  Final verdict… it’s ok, but on the grill it is better as the crust gets crunchy.  After dinner, we all started getting ready for bed, and watched some TV.  The girls chose to watch AFV, so we were laughing good.  I did lots of work on reservations and have plenty more for tomorrow.  I also went to the store to pick up some supplies for tomorrow, like milk and bread.  It’s nice that we are so close to many things, and the store was about 12 minutes away.  

And that was our travel day and first day by Lake Mead / Hoover Dam.  I’m looking forward to exploring the area more in the next few days, and also being done with all the reservations for some time.

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