Day 137 – 1/14/21 Pool day and campfire

We had a relaxing day here at the campground, some pool time then a camp fire.

The girls were up and running this morning with no fuss.  Bia got done quite early, and ended up distracting Bella.  Bella got work done and was not complaining, but the constant distraction and load of work just didn’t work well to get it all done.  Late morning, they both went to the pool, not even sure what break number that was for Bella.  We kept telling her to finish her work, but she’d go back, do a little, then go and play with Bia.

Carol did some grocery shopping, organized the trailer a bit and worked on lunch.  She’s starting a new diet and needed to get more veggies and such, and she got us carnivores steaks too 🙂

I had calls most of the morning, then did some work, posts and paid some bills.  It was a good morning, I got quite a bit done in the morning, but still had more to do for the afternoon.  I also had to deal with GoDaddy as the SSL certificate for the consulting site was not working.  It said it was revoked and the site was not loading.  I got with their support and they said they could not see anything in their logs, and “sold me” on their managed SSL program, where they do all the work.  Felt like a scam to me, but when I looked it up online, it pointed to potentially compromised passwords and the certificate key being stolen and used, which automatically revokes the original cert.  GoDaddy fixed it and we were back in business within 90 minutes, now I need to have my coworker change his password 🙂

I took a break from work to grill steaks for lunch.  The girls were back, and Carol had baked potatoes ready to go, so they started eating.  When we had all the food ready, we sat outside and had lunch together.  The weather was great, and it was still warming up a bit.  Carol said she wanted to stay in today and just enjoy the pool, relax here, etc. so that’s what we did.  When we finished lunch, we cleaned up a bit and Carol and Bia went to the pool.  Bella was not done so she stayed with me doing school work while I continued some work.  I finished up a design update to a newsletter, finished another reservation, wrapped up a post and by time I was done it was around 2:30.  Bella said she was done, but when I checked her work she was missing a few things from ELA.  She always misses those if we don’t check.  It’s line items in a powerpoint and she just skips them.  I still wish the teacher would put the assigned work in Google Classroom as To Dos, rather than this itemized powerpoint, which is easy to miss what needs to be done and especially what needs to be turned in.  Anyway, Bella will have to finish later and or tomorrow now because I wanted to go enjoy some time outside, so we went.

We stayed by the pool for a while, there were only four other groups there, and each on each corner, so easy to keep distance.  It was nice and warm, but not too hot.  The water was a bit on the chilly side, so it didn’t take too long before the girls were done.  We stayed there until about 4:30. 

As we left, I went to the playground with the girls, and Carol went to the front office to get a fire ring and fire wood.  It is nice that you request, they charge $7.50 per bundle (a little pricey) and they deliver the fire ring, the wood and you just pay and enjoy.  It was like within 30 minutes that it got delivered already.  We hung out outside just relaxing for a little bit. 

Carol gave me a haircut, then we started getting ready for dinner.  Bella had asked me to turn on the heater, and she was sitting in front of it, enjoying the heat (it was on low) and “grilling leaves” hahahahah…. Bia went in and showered, I got the grill going as we were making pizzas (the ones with the tortilla as crust, that Carol will one of these days make a video about hahaha). 

Carol got her special food going, and then the girls were actually putting the sauce, toppings and cheese on the pizza doughs as I got them pre-baked, or properly said pre-grilled.  I got the camp fire started while I grilled the pizzas.  We all had dinner around the fire, and then hung out there for a while.  It was nice and cozy, and I think the higher up fire ring puts out heat that warms up the circle better than fireplaces that are dug into the ground.  The girls asked to watch some TV, but with Bella not being done and their corner in the dinette being a complete mess, that was a no…. But, we asked them to clean up everything, organize and maybe if it was all done well, we’d let them watch 20 minutes of something.  Carol and I stayed outside enjoying the fire, and chatting.  I checked in through the kitchen window and the girls were chatting and cleaning up the spot.  Later we checked in and they did a good job, so they watched a bit of TV before going to bed.

Oh, today I tried the Ballast Point Spicy beer, with Serrano peppers.  It was a good beer, but not spicy at all.  I was hoping for some kick, but it had nothing… just a bit of the pepper flavor.  Again, good beer, but not spicy.

We put the girls to bed around 8:30, and finished up cleaning.  I did some planning for future itineraries, and we went to bed around 10.  It was still in the 60s outside, so I didn’t even turn the furnace on for the night.

And that was it, nice relaxing day in the campground.

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