Day 135 – 1/12/21 San Diego, CA

We had a nice day Downtown San Diego, walking around the Embarcadero area.

Our morning routine was good.  The girls got their school work going, did it all and were both done by lunch time.  Bella even finished all of the science work.  As they finished, they went outside, played and used their devices.

I had work calls right away, and had a few calls in the morning.  I did some work in between, wrote a post and got another reservation done.

Carol worked on lunch and dinner.  She started slow cooking a beef shank for dinner.  She also gave Maggie a “haircut”.

When we were all ready, we ate lunch, packed our things and left towards Downtown San Diego.

There is not a lot of traffic here, fortunately.  I’m sure it’s due to corona and a lot of people working from home.  It’s great for us as it makes moving around a lot easier.  We first drove to Balboa Park.  That is a huge park and has a lot of stuff, but it’s big and felt a bit disconnected, so it was hard to figure out what was where.  There’s a Japanese Garden there, and I think an aquarium, and stuff like that.  We drove around for a bit, checking it out.  It’s a nice park.  From there, we drove towards the Embarcadero area, and parked by the USS Midway.

The USS Midway Museum is closed due to the Stay at Home orders, so we could not visit, but we walked around and I tried to have the girls pay attention to the size, how many airplanes and helicopters were on the boat, etc.  They also realized the people that were on the boat and looking out were dummies.  hahahaha..  I had not noticed it, but they paid attention and they had put dummies looking out in uniform instead of real people.  Bia counted over 20 aircrafts on the top deck of the ship, that we could see from the street level.  And as we walked around, we could see some of the other levels and that there were more aircraft there.  That is a truly huge and impressive “boat”.

We left the car parked there and walked towards the convention center.  Carol did not remember that area being there, and felt it was new since her last time here, which was like 15 years ago.  I was here in between, so I remembered it but am not sure if it is new or not.  It is a very nice area, with lots of shops and a nice view of the water front and the city skyline.  We walked towards the hotels near the convention center. We made a quick stop to get ice cream and beer first.

When my sister, Carol and I did our trip through Southern California 15 years ago, we stayed at one of these hotels.  I remembered it being the Marriott, and so did my sister.  Carol remembered it being the Hyatt.  So, I said we should go into both and see if any would trigger memories.  I did remember parking the car in the rear by a marina.  I never had a car when I traveled for work, but that time I did since we were doing this trip.  As we drove near the Marriott, I saw the parking lot by the marina, and the entrance I remembered.  Then, the elevator was right there, which I also remember it slamming Carol as it was trying to close and she was stuck in between the door trying to get in. hahahahaha…. Then we walked upstairs to the lobby.  We had another incident at the lobby when we came back from being out partying and we fell right there on the main lobby.  I remembered that floor design hahahaha…

Carol still didn’t remember it as being at the Marriott.  We kept going and went to the Hyatt.  We walked through the front door and she didn’t remember much from there either, but still thought it was at the Hyatt.  We’ll have to look at pictures from back then, but I’m convinced and certain it was at the Marriott (she says the same about the Hyatt hahahaha).  It was time to walk back as our parking meter was going to expire.  We had a nice walk around the area.

From there we drove to Half Door Brewing, which is pretty close.  They were opened for take out, but had some tables outside, so we got a beer each and sat there and enjoyed it.  We all chatted and had a nice time there.  I needed to pee, and the place was not allowing people in, so I had to find another place.  I had to go really bad, so I walked towards Petco Park, which is a block away.  I thought maybe they’d have the restrooms open, but nope.  The 7Eleven that is right across the street was open but didn’t have a bathroom… darn…. I kept walking down the park, and found a little area that was a bit more secluded by a restaurant that was not open.  They have a little garden that was closed off, so I went in there, looked for the camera and just turned around and did it, right there.  I could not hold anymore.  hahahahah… I finished quick and left quick. Hahahaha…. After I got back, we finished our beer and left for the day.

Before we headed back to the trailer, we stopped at an Amazon Locker at a gas station near the trailer.  Carol had bought some stuff and had it delivered there.  That is absolutely one of the best features on Amazon for people traveling.  We got the stuff and went back.

Back at home, as the girls showered, Carol finished dinner and I put things away.  We all ate, got ready for the night and watched some TV.  We are still watching Kobra Kai, and everyone is very into it.  I uploaded some pics so I can post tomorrow and we called it a night.

We had a nice day visiting Downtown San Diego.

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