Day 108 – 12/16 Campground bound

We had a nice day relaxing around our site, exploring here, and then hanging by the camp fire.

It was a cold morning, well, it’s going to be a cold morning every day here, we are up in the mountains.  The windows are soaked again, window frames are also sweating, and I hope this will stop once the dehumidifier gets here.  The one I had ordered changed delivery to Monday, and we will not be here then, so I canceled that order and ordered another one that will get here Friday.  I ended up getting a bigger one :). It’s just very humid here and even trying really hard to control humidity inside, it’s impossible to do so, so the dehumidifier will help a lot I hope.

Bia had a fast morning again and was all done with school by mid morning.  She then worked on making a card and some special stuff for her friend A.  Bella took a break at that time as well to also work on a card for A.  A is finishing chemo so it’s nice that the girls put something together for her.  When Bia woke up, she had said she didn’t have a good night os sleep.  She said it was too warm overnight and she woke up many times.  I told her she could take a nap after she was done with school later, and she did take one with Carol later.

Bella had a good day and got all her school work done just a bit after lunch.  She took quite a few breaks, but was in a good mood, and since we didn’t have any plans, it didn’t matter when she got done.  She just knew what she had to do and would get back to doing it as she finished each break.  She has this new thing now, well, she did it yesterday and today again, where she folds a handkerchief in a triangle and uses as a mask, and leaves around her neck.  She thinks it’s cool…. Yeah, it looks good on her.

Carol did laundry again today, it was bedding and towels day, and she worked on lunch.  Lunch was awesome, left over meat from the other day, with noodles and rice.  It turned out great.  Both girls had seconds and thirds!

I helped the girls with their school stuff, tried to get some posts written in between, got interrupted a ton today so it was not very productive and took forever to finish writing yesterday’s entry.  Then around 10:30 I had a call with our financial advisors and tax advisors.  I use the same company, Wipfli, for both, so it’s nice to do one call and have both together on these conversations.  All is good, and the market rebounded greatly since the beginning of the year, hoping it will continue as such.  On that note, even BitCoin is back up and has broken a new top value record… which is good, now my prior “adventures” with Bitcoin are paying off.

Right in the beginning of the call with the advisors, I was asked if we got the scratch off map they sent, and I had to pause…  There is one right by my side of the bed here in the camper, and I thought Carol got it from Amazon, so I asked Carol again where she got it from… She said “Amazon”, and the lady could hear her so she said: “oh, we also bought it from Amazon and had it delivered directly to your house”… then Carol goes… “wait, maybe I didn’t buy it… wait… I remember looking for that, and even having one in my cart, and next thing one showed up so I thought, ok maybe I bought it, but I didn’t” hahahahah wait, what!??? Hahahahahahah… We were all laughing… so here we had this map since June or July, thinking Carol bought it, and our advisors had sent it to us.  Carol said they read her mind, and that confused her. hahahaha… Well, we thanked them for the gift, it was very thoughtful and kind of them.  (I also emailed them later thanking them again). hahahaha… crazy!

After lunch, Carol and Bia went to take a nap.  Bella and I went for a walk, we just went out with no plans. 

We walked towards the petting farm, and then kept going towards the wagons, and saw a little path that went to a creek which was completely dry. 

We went in, and followed that path.  It was nice.  We just walked, chatted, looking for anything that was interesting.  Bella spotted a huge pine cone, and she was also looking for some pine nuts and found a few that looked cool. 

We walked for about 20 minutes into the woods, and Bella asked me about Bears.  She said that Bears don’t like people, and so if we are making noise, we have little chance to run into them, so she said we should start singing and making noise.  That was pretty cool.  I had a can in my hand (had a beer on our way there) and I smashed it, and was hitting it with a rock, making a decent sound.  Bella got two stones and was hitting them and making sound.  She then started humming and singing songs as we walked and made noise.  It was pretty cool.  We walked for another 10 minutes forward, and then decided to start walking back.  We made noise pretty much the whole time from there.  On the way back, we picked up that huge pine cone as Carol has some project she is working on with those.

When we got back, Bia and Carol were awake, so I told everyone to come out so we could hang out and have a camp fire.  It was almost 3pm, so not enough time to go anywhere, weather was ok, not too cold, so it was perfect for a fire.  We had some wood from Coos Bay with us yet, yes I know, should not move firewood like that.  I started the fire and we sat around the fire, warming up, chatting, having some drinks :).  It was a nice time.  I had put a couple of pine cones in the fire and as they burned a really nice smell came up.  It was great.  The girls had their electronics for some time, well, a lot of the time.  Bella wanted to make a “couch” with some cardboard we had, so she cut it up and taped it back together.  She loves “making stuff” and building things.  As it got darker, it got colder.  We enjoyed watching some pine cones catch on fire, and some interesting fire action and then went in.

Carol made dinner while the girls got ready and I worked on posting.  After we had dinner, Carol washed the dishes, Bella dried them and Bia put them away.  It’s nice that they’re helping out without much complaining nowadays.

As we were all showering, Carol thought we ran out of gas, so I went outside to check.  The valve was green, so it was not showing empty.  The gas water heater inside was indicating fault, which usually means no gas.  I wanted to check everything, so I opened and closed each tank to see how the valve would react, expelling that as they were both closed, we’d get a red.  Nope… valve was not changing to red, and to make it worse, as I put my hand in there I moved the hoses and heard gas leak as I did so, and could smell gas.  Not good.  I have some leak in the valve or hoses, and the valve itself is switching over, but the indicator is not working.  Another purchase on Amazon, so about $50 more to get a new valve with auth-switchover, indicator and new hoses.  This should arrive here Saturday, just in time.  It’s a bit tricky now to order stuff, not only are we in the middle of nowhere here, mail takes a bit more to get here, and the USPS is overloaded and behind as is, so I’m hoping we won’t have issues with receiving this, or any of the pending items we already ordered.  Anyway, I got it all working (for now) and we finished showers and stuff.

After showers and cleaning up, we watched some TV.  I finished posting and we put the girls to bed.  Carol and I stayed up longer to take care of some Christmas gifts shopping.  That was another challenge as well as it’s kind of last minute apparently, so we had to change plans a few times to find things that would get delivered timely.  We did most of the shopping we wanted, and just have a few more final ones to do.

And that was it for the day.  Good day enjoying some relax time and exploring the campground area.

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