Day 102 – 12/10 San Francisco to Hollister

Today was a moving day, we moved from San Francisco to Hollister.

It was a very foggy morning, and everything outside was damp.  Carol had seen it could potentially rain this morning, so I wanted to make sure we could pull in the slide out before it rained, so we would not have to deal with water coming in the trailer.  Bia asked to wake up 15 mins earlier than usual, so I got her up at 5:30am, actually a few minutes after that since that’s my alarm time.  She had said she’d take a shower in the morning, but she ended up so distracted by the Elf, Rosie, that she spent her entire time admiring what Rosie did overnight (just moved from one place to another), reading the letter Rosie left, and writing a response back.  That is pretty much the routine now since Rosie showed up a few days ago (12/6), Bia and Bella leave a letter, Rosie leaves a response, and they write again, and so on.  It’s pretty cool to follow along and read what they talk about.  Maybe they’ll let me take a picture of one of the letters one of these days.

Bella wanted to wake up 30 minutes before her ELA, so I got her up at 6:45, and she did just like Bia… got busy looking for Rosie, then reading and writing, etc… But Bella went faster and actually did take a shower and even got coffee going for us.  I had separated all her school material, so she got going after her shower.

Bia was done pretty much mid morning.  Bella ended up taking breaks again and didn’t finish everything by time we left, so she had to finish later on.

I had an early morning work call, then did some work, worked on a post and then started packing up so we could leave.  Carol left a few things ready and went to the store, she also left a load of laundry going and was stopping at the post office to pick up a package from Calinas.  Bella wanted to go along, so they went.

When I was packing, and unhooking the electrical, the 30A cable to the trailer, which goes to my power filter was stuck to the power filter, and as I was able to pull it out, I saw one of the three prongs had melted a bit.  The prong had some plastic on it, and the hole didn’t look right.  I’ll have to check into it later, but I’m afraid I have a short there and will need to replace both.  Dang it.  I finished packing, washed the dishes, and hitched up and was ready to go, just waiting for Carol to come back.  She came back soon after, and finished up inside and left to get the laundry while I pulled the trailer to the front of the campground by laundry to pick her up.

We were able to leave around 11:30am, and the ride looked easy on the GPS, and was only as 2 hour drive, with stops.  As soon as we were out of the ocean front, there was no fog, so all the San Francisco fog is right there, and as soon as you move a bit away, it’s gone.  We had an easy drive to Hollister.  We passed Silicon Valley, just going by Palo Alto, Mountain View, Cupertino, etc. and turned towards the mountain onto Pacheco Pass Highway.  As we got into the mountain pass, we started seeing lots of fruit for sale, some fields with fruit plantations, etc.  It’s a nice area.  Our campground is called Casa de Fruta RV Resort, and is surrounded by a few other businesses called Casa de something, which means House of something.  And yes, again, lots of fruit here, so Carol is loving it!

This is a nice area, our campground is big, nicely spread out with lots of big trees.  We got a back in site in an area where no other trailers had arrived yet, so we could take our time backing in.  It took a few back and forth to get it the way we wanted.  It is a good spot and we have this hole area to ourselves. 

As we pulled in, the girls saw the playground and off they went.  They played there for a long time, pretty much into dark, with a few stops here and there.  I was a little apprehensive about plugging in power since the one contact melted on our prior stay.  I cleaned up the contacts, and made sure there was a good connection and it was solid.  I checked in a few times to make sure the area was not getting warm, and it is not, so I think it’s ok for now, but I will need to replace both cables.  Don’t want to run any risks that can easily be avoid…. It’ll cost about $170 or a bit more to replace both cables.

When we were all done setting up, Carol wanted to go to the Casa de Fruta and see what they have, so I got the bikes out and she went with the girls.  I decided I was going to wash the trailer and the truck.  The trailer needed it from being in front of the ocean for so many days, plus all the travel we did so far since the last wash in Coos Bay.  I got the extendable brush, the bucket, the shampoo with Wax, hoses and the ladder.  I started with the roof, which was not too bad, washed a but of the awning that I could reach as well from the top.  When I finished the trailer, the bucket was pretty empty and dirty, so I mixed another batch and moved on to the truck. 

It took me 2 hours between getting everything going, washing both the trailer and truck, and putting things out to dry before putting away.  Not bad.  I had turned on my workout tracking, and it showed almost 1,000 calories.  Not bad!  Oh, and just as I finished everything, someone from the campground drove by on a tractor, lifting dust all over….  Dang it! hahahaha… 

Carol had already come back while I was still washing the trailer.  She was talking to Flavia on the phone, and the girls were back in the playground.  I finished putting things away and took a shower.

It was getting dark then, and the girls came back when it was already dark.  They were super hyper when they came in, but were having fun and in a good mood. 

Carol cut up some of the fruit they had gotten, they loved Pomegranate.  They both showered then, and Carol made bean soup for dinner, and we had it with the sourdough bread from Boudin bakery from San Francisco.  Yummie.  We opened a bottle of wine with that, it was great.

Bella finished the school work she had left from earlier in the day, she did great… just got it done all by herself and didn’t skip anything.  Then Bella wanted to sew one of the pants that has a hole, so she got the kit and “fixed” her pants. hahahaha…

The girls then left two mini apples for their Elf Rosie, with a note.  We watched some TV the rest of the night, the cable connection here is good, so we had good channels to watch. 

And that was it, good moving day.

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